Residents asked to donate £10 to keep library open


THE Friends of Culcheth Library have renewed their appeal for people to make a £10 donation to help keep the library open.
They have also stressed the need to find new and exciting ways of using the facility.
In a joint statement, Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council chairman Cllr Margaret Webber and Friends’ secretary Cllr Joan Grime acknowledge that many people in Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft have worked hard to rescue the library from closure.
They say: “We now need to find new and exciting ways of using this tremendous community resource.  Yes, we have guaranteed continuing library services, subject to ‘a robust business case’ and new book stocks, etc., but we also now have the opportunity to develop the library for other uses.
“Friends of Culcheth Library volunteers have been trained by ‘A Quiet Place’ to develop a program of ‘mindfulness’ and stress-reduction sessions to help those in the community who are anxious, and possibly vulnerable, to cope with their problems.
“This is just a start.  There are plans for supporting a whole range of interests by opening up the library facilities to a wide variety of groups from the community.
“We can all support our library project by contributing £10 a year via standing order, or by making one-off donations. By now you will all have received a leaflet through your door explaining how to do this, and there are spare copies in the library.
“But we also need volunteers to help with planning and organising other community activities in our library.  Friends of Culcheth Library need more of us to join as members and become properly involved in the future of this wonderful project.”
The two councillors urge more people to join the Friends and help them provide new services.
There is a form on the back of the Friends’ leaflet or residents can contact secretary Cllr Joan Grime at [email protected]


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