Author gets a little help from 12-year-old daughter


A WARRINGTON author is to have his first book released at the end of this month.
Simon Adepetun, of Great Sankey, had a little help from hThe Bee Hiveis creative 12-year-old daughter Toni, who did illustrations for the book and even designed the cover.
“The Bee Hive” is a children’s novel and tells the story of how two best friends, Ben and Dan, aspire to become school scientists of the year and  stumble upon a treasure map in their make-shift laboratory – an old bee hive.
They unwittingly team up with Dan’s annoying sister Alice in a bid to unravel the clues and claim the treasure.
Simon said: “The Bee Hive novel started as an entry into a children’s novel writing competition in 2014… When I wrote the book, it wasn’t just for kids reading pleasure or to make them laugh but also with the aim of educating them.
“Kids these days are so reliant on technology so at one point in the book, I destroy the characters’ only form of technology – a mobile phone, leaving them with just the ability to think and come up with a solution for themselves and they actually do very well!”
“The Bee Hive” published by Austin Macauley, will be released on May 31.  For further information visit


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