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Historic steam train Union of South Africa takes to the roads of Warrington!



THE historic steam train dating back to the 1930s which became stranded in Warrington, attracting excitement for local trainspotters has taken to the road!
The “Union of South Africa” steam engine ended up in the old Dallam sidings at the weekend after “running hot” on it’s way from Crewe to Carlisle.
Engineers have been working to get the tourism train back on the rails without success.
It left about 6.30pm tonight (Wednesday) heading for Crewe via Dallam Lane, Kerfoot Street and Winwick Road to the M6.
It’s British rail number is 60009 and the A4 class locomotive was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and built at the Famous Doncaster Plant works in June 1937 by LNER.






Union of South Africa takes to the roads of Warrington PICTURES EDDIE WHITHAM

Union of South Africa takes to the roads of Warrington PICTURES EDDIE WHITHAM


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  1. Great photo’s and I bet that caused a many a head to turn and take a second look as it went off on it’s way up Winwick Road and down the M6 at that time of the day.

    • May be even a steam engine Don 😉
      The locomotive was in the sidings with other carriages so technically it is a steam driven train.
      I’ve been a journalist 35 years BTW so I think I am fairly experienced. I can’t recall hearing anyone call them by their full name of locomotive – even when I was playing with them as a child with my father and grand father.
      As a trainee journalist I was taught to write things so they could be understood by the common man and people of all ages and generations.
      Locomotive, steam engine or steam train – I don’t think it detracts from the great images from yester year!

      • The carriage that was with 60009 was her support coach & that was her tender that was next to her. She wasn’t actually moving to Carlisle she was moving from Crewe to Carnforth in preparation for working a railtour to Carlisle last Saturday.

    • Wow… harsh and rude comment. Does it really matter that much ?
      And what’s this all this about then ?
      “steam train (noun) definition : a train that is powered by a steam engine”
      Everyone’s been calling it a steam train or a steam engine… and the ITV News called it a Train, Engine and Locomotive all in one article in December so you’d best get onto them too ha ha.

      Anyway regardless… it was a great ‘thing’ to see and thanks for the news updates and photos Gary Skeltenbery

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