Highway chiefs say sorry for Bridgefoot confusion


WARRINGTON council’s highway chiefs have apologised for confusing motorists following changes to lane markings on Bridgefoot.
The alterations on Wilson Patten Street outside the Academy building on Bridgefoot have left motorists having to guess which lane they should be in when heading north up Mersey Street, or turning right to access the south of the town via Knutsford Road or Bridgefoot.
Many motorists found the previous lane markings confusing and were baffled still further when the changes happened without warning.
The issue was raised in an opinion piece by warrington-worldwide, which attracted a prompt response from readers and council members!
Cllr Brian Axcell, the Lib Dem’s Transportation spokesperson said :”I have no idea why the changes have been made. I have been pressing for many months for the lane markings on the newer bridge to be renewed because they had become faint and hard to see at night. Repainting those lanes was all that was necessary.
“The new road layout is not just an accident waiting to happen, the first has already occurred and I saw the dented cars at the entrance to the retail park.
“It is not surprising that there is confusion in the minds of motorists when there is a direction after Bridgefoot for traffic to the retail park to be in the right hand lane.
“This traffic then has almost immediately to cut across to the left to exit from the roundabout.
“Probably the changes in lanes in front of the Academy say everything about priorities from the Labour administration at the Town Hall: two lanes for the A49 north, just one lane for the three routes out of town to the south!
Conservative Group leader Cllr Paul Kennedy said he had also found the lane markings confusing and would be taking up the issue as a matter of urgency.
A council spokesperson said: “Work has recently been carried out to change the lane markings at Bridgefoot roundabout to help improve traffic flow which is part of an ongoing programme of works.
“Advance warning signs should have been in place by the contractor to advise motorists of the new markings, this did not happen and we apologise for any confusion and inconvenience caused. We are working on rectifying the situation as soon as possible and additional warning signs have now been installed on the relevant approaches to the roundabout.
“Remaining changes to the lane markings are due to be completed and we will closely monitor the impact on traffic flow.
“We would advise motorists to take care while familiarising themselves with the new road layout.”

The new lane markings which have left motorists bemused and confused!


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  1. It does seem a bit odd, we now have:

    Lane 1 – A49 North

    Lane 2 – A49 North

    Lane 3 – Retail Park, A5061, A49 South, A5060

    I’m not sure that anywhere near 2/3rds of the traffic at that junction is going North on the A49, more likely less than 1/3rd. Would it have been more logical to designate lane 2 for the Retail Park and A5061 and Lane 3 for A49 South and A5060?

  2. I have travelled to work over Bridgefoot via Wilston Patten street for many years now. Can someone explain why we now have a situation where the quietest stretch of road (A49 to Mersey Street) gets two (almost empty) lanes at the Halo traffic lights, whilst the extremely congested southbound routes now have even more traffic queuing to use the one right hand lane? MADNESS!!!!!

  3. I thought local authorities and in particular Labour run ones hated motorists, so why are people surprised when they trash a road system. Seems as though you get what you vote for in Warrington.

  4. Ah, my friends, wait until the new Mersey Gateway toll bridge is built across the river near Widnes. Motorists in their thousands will come through Warrington to avoid paying the toll. Then we will know what gridlock is! And if this at Bridgefoot is how WBC handles traffic at the moment, it doesn’t bode well for the future, does it? Maybe we should start petitioning for some proper cycle lanes?

  5. You are kidding yourself if you believe any elected Member – from whatever party – has any realistic input in to what goes on in this borough, particularly with respect to road schemes or planning. The evidence shows time and again officers tell the Members what they are going to do and then they just get on with it, come what may. Occasionally, like in Bridgefoot, they don’t even tell Members what they are going to do. Then when things go wrong the officers have to cast around for someone else to blame, other than their usual scapegoats (ie Members). This time it was the Contractor.

  6. How do you get employed to look after road sytems at WBC? It seems throughtout the Town officers at WBC go out of their way to confuse road users. Several schemes have been over written to ensure that confusion arises in places where none existed – Woolston Grange Ave to M6 for example. It seems that you don’t have to live in Warrington or have the slightest knowledge of its roads to get a job looking after them. Look at the Cockhedge Roaundabout for a good example.

  7. Why don't WBC pre-empt all of those who wish to bypass the toll bridges and stick toll gates on Walton drag. Issue all Warrington council tax payers with a free pass and just charge those who want to gridlock the town Charge 10p more than the bridge crossing. Simples!! plus we get extra revenue into the towns coffers.

  8. Who are these Highway Chiefs we hear so much about? They should stand up and be counted or identified, not leave it to a Council spokesperson to offer apologies on their behalves.

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