Working From Home – Three Business Ideas That You Could Set Up Online


Despite the recent spike in people working from home in 2020, this concept is nothing new. Indeed, since 2014, more than four million people in the UK have earned a living from the confines of their own domicile.

The rise of the internet has made this possible, and there are now countless jobs and business ideas that you can pursue online without having to leave the house every day.

For people based in Warrington, here are three business ideas that you may be able to find success with.

A Dedicated Sports Page

Warrington is in a prime location for sports fans, with countless sides in and around the area. Developing a website that covers various teams, leagues, and sports could, therefore, be a great way to quickly build a following. The focus could be on the Warrington Wolves, who have a rich history and a dedicated fanbase.

News could also cover football, with supporters of the Manchester and Liverpool-based teams residing in the area. By promoting the site across a range of social media platforms, as well as producing regular, insightful content, a sports website could be a hit. Once the site gains enough traffic, you could start trying to monetise it through advertising.

A Gaming Website

The gaming industry is worth more than £7.1 billion in the UK, and that amount is continuously rising. This is because the number of platforms and game types continues to swell, with there being endless opportunities for developers and businesses to get a piece of the action.

The online gambling sector makes up a huge part of that revenue, and there are millions of players who like to take part in table and slot games online. In Warrington, there are two main casinos, highlighting how there is an interest in gambling in the area. However, for many players, it is not convenient to get to these spots, and it is easier to find games online.

You don’t need to be a developer to be able to create an online casino these days, thanks to prebuilt platforms that do all the hard work for you. By turning to a gaming software supplier, you can use the already coded pages and design them to suit your own needs. They are even set up to accept online payments.

An Advertising Service

Digital marketing has become the number one form of advertising for businesses all over the world, and the industry is worth an incredible £129 billion in the country. The beauty of this sector is that anyone can teach themselves how to run Facebook and Google ads, and then advertise their services to companies.

By starting small and focusing on land-based businesses in Warrington, you could find it easier to create rapport with people when offering your services. Many tradespeople and brick and mortar shops haven’t harnessed the power of the internet for advertising yet, and they are waiting for experts to show them the way.
The beauty of all these business ideas is that they can be done with a little training, and you can be your own boss. Some other options include eCommerce and lifestyle blogging.


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