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The biggest revenue segment in the global gaming market, mobile gaming generated $90.7 billion in revenues in 2020 and is expected to double by the end of the decade.

Having surpassed console games, PC games – both download games and browser games – and tablet games, mobile games – about 500,000 in total – appeal to over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, which accounts for almost 30% of the world population.

But not only is app gaming becoming bigger – it also changes along the way. The days when the purchase of a game was the only money-related transaction are gone – today, you can make in-game purchases, download add-ons, subscribe to extra services, purchase collectibles, and enhance your in-game experience in oh so many other ways.

So what are the strongest mobile app gaming trends right now? Let’s try to find out along with Anna Rosak, an experienced gambler and gaming aficionado from KasynoHEX. More info about the lady you can find here.

Cross-Platform Gaming

One of the best things about modern gaming technologies is that they allow you to enjoy your favorite games on all devices. Even now some device-agnostic games like PUBG and Fortnite look equally beautiful on consoles, mobile phones, and tablets, and the trend is likely to last well into the decade, supported by cloud gaming and 5G Internet.

Genre-wise, having grown by $3.6 billion in 2020, RPG games are still carrying the torch, closely followed by strategies ($3.4 billion) and puzzles ($1.5 billion). And if Moore’s law – the one stating that computing power doubles about every two years – holds for at least a while, the border between PC games and mobile app games will likely be completely obliterated.

Mobile Gambling

It’s nothing easier than downloading a kasyno na telefon, or you can even gamble in your browser, enjoying just the same games and features across all your devices. Emerging at the beginning of the millennia, mobile gambling has come a long way to develop into a fully-fledged industry that includes virtual reality games and live dealers.

Not only can mobile gambling boast of all the elements that brick-and-mortar casinos have, but it can also offer lots of extra features like VIP services, promotions, live chats, progressive jackpots, and more.

Uninterrupted Interaction Between Gamers

Once 5G Internet rolls out, bringing an almost unlimited bandwidth to the masses – the boldest forecasts predict up to 1.5 billion 5G users by the end of 2022 – the interaction between mobile gamers will grow even further. You will be able to play the most demanding games on the go regardless of where you are, as well as enjoy social play at its best, submerging into the diverse universe of mobile gaming.

Watching eSports on Mobile

With the most recent DOTA 2 world championship prize pool reaching $40 million, no one doubts the position of eSports in the modern world. Huge revenues and astounding viewership (The International was watched by millions of gamers) make eSports attractive both as occupation and leisure.

The growth of mobile technologies – again, the ever-increasing bandwidth is the key component – has made it possible to watch cybersports on mobile phones in Asia and similar regions where mobile internet hadn’t been good enough before.

Playing Regardless of Age

Last but not least, app gaming will encompass gamers of all ages. Even today, the average age of a U.S. gamer is 35 – older than most would expect – and the average number of years of experience in gaming is 13. Among all gamers, 46% are female.

It’s only natural that video games have grown up: after all, the players have grown up themselves, and you no longer need to plug in a console to enjoy the game after a busy day – no, you can play on the go from almost any location during your lunch break or whatever free time you have.

So What Games to Play in the First Place?

The choice of mobile games is so huge that it’s almost impossible to recommend certain games while ignoring the others. mind-boosters to fantasy role-playing games, it all depends on your preferences and mood. Nevertheless, we’ll dare to recommend some titles as a wrap-up of this piece: Among Us, Tiny Bird Garden, Geo Guesser, Super Fowlst 2, Monument Valley, and Path of Exile. Enjoy!



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