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Gambling would initially give any outside observer that it is simply based on luck and nothing more. However, going deep into this world of fortunes, many factors are believed to play a role in gambling outcomes.

One of these factors is gambling horoscopes. You probably could have heard about Horoscopes in betting or at least how zodiac signs play a role in determining certain essential parts of the game. While there is no scientific proof or relationship to why Zodiac signs help with gambling, many gamblers have hit a fortune studying these signs. It definitely will not hurt if you get to study these signs yourself and genuinely increase your chance of hitting a win or that mega jackpot. So here are the different signs and their gambling horoscope.

★Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn gamblers understand their qualities and shortcomings. They enjoy playing online Poker and blackjack because they do not have to interact with the other players in person or read their behavior to play a winning hand. Well, let’s look at what is needed for Capricorn gambling luck today?

  • Capricorn Lucky Days to Gamble: Saturn rules Capricorn, which explains why they are generally dynamic and sensible individuals. Saturn also rules Saturday, making it a lucky day for Capricorns to gamble.
  • Capricorn Lucky Numbers: Those born under this sign have a good shot at winning because they have a decent significant edge over most. Capricorn gamblers should pay special attention to the numbers 5, 6, and 8. There are numerous ways to interpret and combine these numbers to great effect.
  • Capricorn’s Lucky Colors: Given that Capricorn is an earth sign, it stands to reason that the color with the most impact and beneficial properties is brown. Brown, like the earth, presupposes consistency, intensity and instills feelings of practicality, all of which are appealing to the Capricorn gambler.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: While Capricorns are sensible in their attitude and fully accountable when they enter a casino or log in online, they still have their sights set on possessions and the desire to win. Free Ainsworth pokie machine games with turquoise color scheme are suitable for Capricorn: Mystic Moon Big Hit Bonanza, King Chameleon and Lightning Link.

★Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Aquarius are lucky gamblers. Born between January 20 and February 18, you are expected to be more fortunate than the average gambler. It is not just about luck, though, as Logic plays an important role in helping you dismantle opponents. Aquarius is a sign that represents luck and wisdom.

  • Aquarius Lucky Days to Gamble: There are several days that gambling favors Aquarius. Some experts consider most days as good for Aquarius gamblers, thanks to their natural attraction to luck. However, one day that has stood out is Saturday. Aquarius gamblers have been lucky with Saturdays that some only play on weekends. Follow these directions for Aquarius gambling luck today.
  • Lucky Colors: Aquarius have colors that favor them as well. Their best color is turquoise which represents inspiration and inner strength. Aquarius love the comfort that comes in their ability to think, and it is one of the primary reasons that many gamblers go for this color. As expected, it becomes a lucky talisman for one thing when people go.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Aquarius gamblers are logical and lucky. They, however, know that they cannot control luck, and because of that, it is easier to find them at poker tables or playing online poker. They usually also choose poker in live dealer online gambling. Poker (Texas hold ‘Em) is always the go-to choice on lucky days. In addition, free slot machines from trusted providers are a good way to get success. You can try PokiesLAB’s free pokie games with bonus symbols. For Aquarius, Indian Dreaming, King of the Nile are excellent options.
  • Lucky Numbers for Aquarius: 7 has been historically termed the magical number. It has been portrayed in movies and gambling, and it isn’t surprising that it is the main number associated with the Zodiac sign known for luck. It is not the only number though 2, 3, and 9 are very good numbers that Aquarius personalities should watch out for if they seek to win their games.

★Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces gamblers are more emotional people and usually decide with hope and carefreeness. They are driven by colors and do not make the best decisions when under pressure. This particular characteristic makes luck their biggest stronghold and strategic games less appealing.

  • Pisces Lucky Days to Gamble: Thursdays are the luckiest days for Pisces gamblers, and you must hold on to this if you have this sign. The sign is ruled by Jupiter and balances gamblers’ emotional persona with luck and a stroke of confidence. Pisces are believed to be their most formidable self on this particular day. By playing these days you guarantee Pisces gambling luck today.
  • Lucky Colors: The best color for Pisces is green and has given most of them their best wins. It instills a feeling of confidence and support. If you are Pisces, you have better luck picking green when gambling in casino games or any other bet. You should let your emotions get in the way and let your heart lead you.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Pisces gamblers have better luck with online slots than any other casino game. The good thing is that there are many slots available for them to play and win. Roulette is another game that they can play and also win. Since the lucky color for Pisces is green, the online pokies Australia real money increases the chances of winning: 5 Dragons, Bear Money, Irish Luck online slot.
  • Lucky Numbers: Pisces are highly emotional and may move the crowd. This means that when they hear news about a particular number, they may move with that, and as history has proven, that is never the best decision to take. The best numbers for Pisces are 3 and 7, thanks to the more confident Pisces that have been able to stick with them and recorded good wins. They are the only two numbers associated with the sign.

★ Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries is symbolized with the ram and represents people born between March 21 and April 19. People born under Aries express a high level of enthusiasm and excitement. Aries are usually ambitious, optimistic, and goal-driven. They typically go for things and activities that are energy incentives and test their limits. What can be said about Aries gambling luck today?

  • Aries Lucky Days to Gamble: Aries’s main planet is Mars, and Tuesday is related to mars more than any other. Based on Astrology and numerology calculations, Tuesday, 9 of any month, is the luckiest day for Aries Gamblers. Tuesday that falls on the multipliers of 9 is also considered lucky days. This means that Tuesday 9, Tuesday 18, and Tuesday 27th are Aries’s luckiest gambling days.
  • Lucky Colors: Aries is associated with fire. So, according to experts, red is the best color for Aries. You should go for this color for both the Roulette red & black game. Pretty much any form of gambling that has red color will do with Aries.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Aries’ best casino game is Poker, and if you are born within this time, you better start sharpening your skills. You can play Poker online and offline; it does not make a difference. Slots are the second-best games for Aries casino gamblers, and you can play any variation you desire during that time. Do not forget that red color attracts luck in gambling for Aries, which means that 50 Dragons, Caishen’s Gold, Cash Eruption real money Australian pokies should be tried first.
  • Lucky Numbers: 9 is Aries’s luckiest number when it comes to gambling. It is the best number you should go for, and you have a higher chance of winning if you are playing on your lucky day. The multipliers of 9, 18, and 27 are also important random numbers. For Roulette bet, though, 22(which is not a multiplier of 9) has been found to favor Aries

★Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus is symbolized as a bull, and people with this sign are extremely determined and, to a fair degree, stubborn. If your birth date falls on this sign, you shouldn’t be surprised that you are money-driven because that is one of the traits of this sign. The good thing is that gambling has good promises for you.

  • Taurus Lucky Days to Gamble: Friday is Taurus lucky today. If you are born with his sign, ‘Thank God is Friday’ drives home more personally. However, it isn’t just any Friday. Friday 5th and Friday 6th are the best days in any month. Friday 11th also works well, which is the combination of both the 5th and 6th.
  • Lucky Colors: The best color for Taurus is green. The sign represents the earth, and there is nothing as nourishing as the unique vegetation support that the earth offers to other planets. Also, green signifies balance and peace, which are virtues that go quite well with the character of Taurus.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: The best Casino games for Taurus are Roulette & Craps, and if you can play any of the duos, it is good news. The good thing is that both aren’t complicated, and you can hit it big. It would help if you tried to play any of these games the following Friday that falls on the 5th, 6th, and 11th and increase your chance of winning. Gambling luck with green color will bring Taurus players Ghostbusters, Jaguar Mist, Pixies of the Forest free poker machine games.
  • Lucky Numbers: Taurus has two significant lucky numbers, and they are 5 & 6. These two numbers work pretty well for the sign, and you could just hit fortune going with them. Given that astrology isn’t black and white, you can perform the numbers by creating a combination of 56, 65, and even 11 (addition of 5 and 6). So the numbers are 5, 6, 56, and 65. It has worked for people with this sign and guarantees Taurus gambling luck today..


★Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Gemini is represented by twins and portrays the communication and bright minds of people born from May 21 to June 21. Gemini is a highly busy social person, reflected in how they play their games. Most Gemini prefer to play gambling games that interact with their personalities and value their money and time.


  • Gemini Lucky Days to Gamble: Gemini is well known for their communicative personality, and it is no surprise that their best day falls in midweek, Wednesday. Sunday is also a good day for Gemini to gamble and have a lucky smile on them. The sign itself is ruled by Mercury which is attributed to Wednesday. You can count on getting Gemini gambling luck today if you play these days.
  • Lucky Colors: Gemini is a communicator and can quickly light up a room with confident social skills, so dull, and meek colors are not precisely related to their personality. A color that is almost sharp and yet empathic suits the Gemini personality. Yellow is the go-to color, and you should look for it when gambling on your luck days.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Gemini is socially confident and tries to prove its ability to draw people in and use it to its advantage. Players with Gemini personalities are highly confident in their abilities with a sense of calm, and strategic gambling games are where they excel. Poker games and variations that depend on skills and strategy are Gemini’s best games. Choy Sun Doa, Balloonies Farm, Asian Beauty free online pokies with this color scheme is the best option.
  • Lucky Numbers: Gemini has numbers similar to Taurus. 5 & 6 is the main number, and many people with the sign have testified about getting some of their big gambling with these numbers. 15 is also a good number, and even if it has not brought as many successful outcomes as 5 & 6, it is still very reliable, and you can hold on to it as a secondary option.

★Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Cancer players are thinkers, bringing their ability into the gambling space. As a cancer player, there are certain games where you will excel more. For example, poker games that deal with strategy can be a real strength for you. Instinct is also a cool characteristic of Virgo, and as such, you could also excel in games that depend purely on chance.

  • Lucky Gambling Days For Cancer: If you follow the talk around, you may be confused about your lucky days. However, getting properly informed takes away the uncertainty. The Lucky day for Cancer is Monday. Cancer players barely count losses on this day and are more lucky than sorry. It is widely believed that Mondays leave Cancer personalities at the height of mental abilities.
  • Lucky Colors: Cancers are rare intellects in the gambling world and tend to have their luck with silver color. They do not like to depend on luck. However, those well-versed in signs know that Silver comes with a lot of goodwill and fortune at the tables.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Slots are not exactly strong, but they work well too. Thanks to your personality and astrological luck, you quickly excel in casino games. You can easily excel at playing poker and blackjack. These two games are the hallmark of skills and uncertainty, inborn attractions associated with the cancer sign. The color silver will bring luck to Cancer even in free download pokies slot machines, you should pay attention to Black Widow, Avalon, Book of Magic.
  • Lucky Numbers: Cancers are pretty lucky with numbers. 2 and 7 are the biggest gambling winning numbers, and to date, many have continued to hit good wins depending on the do. Other numbers have been associated with winnings for Cancer, and they are 11, 24 & 52.

★Leo (July 23-August 22)

Leo is the fifth Zodiac sign. Leos are proven to show traits of fearlessness. They can outwit anyone in any gambling game because of their love for significant challenges. They like trying out new slot machines or new games introduced to gambling sites. What can be predicted for Leo gambling luck today?

  • Lucky Days to Gamble: For most Leo gamblers, luck usually shines on them in broad daylight when the sun is buzzing down with heat. Sunday is their best gambling day when their luck fully shines on them in terms of a day. They prefer this day to do their spins and wins
  • Lucky Colors: Gold is the lucky color of Leo gamblers. The color symbolizes wealth and success. The gold color is an accurate depiction of how they hold themselves in high esteem. Gold helps them boost their confidence in the games, which allows them to gain a lot from their gambling efforts.
  • Lucky Numbers: With their resilience and winning nature, Leo Gamblers’ lucky numbers are 1 and 5. Both numbers have a significant impact on their game wins. They love number one because it aligns with their nature of emerging the best or first every time.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Leo Players have luck with Poker and blackjack more than anything else. While their ability to think and calculate plays a significant part, their lucky days take care of the part. These games come with an outstanding level of strategy and luck. Luck is still chasing gold Leo, and it is Elephant King, Golden Dragon, Gold Mine that bring success to the players.

★Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo is a skillful kind of person that luck also favors. They barely depend on luck and rely on their intuition and skills. However, they have also found favor with games that rely on luck, and as such, Virgo can’t cut off such influences.

  • Virgo Lucky Days to Gamble: There are certain days when luck shines on Virgo, and they have something to do with Mercury. The luckiest day for a Virgo is Wednesday. The activities in the background of the busiest time of the week hardly ever influence Virgo’s winning. Combining the lucky day with their lucky number only improves their chances to win.
  • Lucky Colors: The unique ability of Virgos to think deeply make them stand out among other zodiac signs. The green color gives more luck than any other, and Virgos seem to go for them because they represent calmness and peace.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: The best game for Virgo personalities is blackjack. The game is a mix of luck and intuition but works well for Virgo. Poker is also a great option. These two games mean that you can go for most blackjacks and poker and be sure of getting a great win with your lucky day bettering your chances. It is these games that increase the chance for Virgo gambling luck today. Players should try their hand and play free pokies online: King Kong, Mayana, Aztec Millions, because they are the green color of success.
  • Lucky Numbers: The best numbers for Virgo gamblers are 5 and 6. Both numbers work well for Virgos and should stick with when playing. There is also 32 and 23, which Virgo claims works perfectly. So you can pass them as well. 

★Libra (September 23-October 23)

A scale depicts libra, so its sides are constantly changing up and down, making them nearly impossible to read when it comes to gambling. They wiggle techniques, bet fluctuating amounts, and frequently become dissatisfied with a game and bail for a more appealing alternative that appears to be a more certain bet on paper.

  • Libra Lucky Days to Gamble: Libra gambling luck is at its best on Fridays. Friday is a day ruled by Venus. On this day, they usually benefit from heightened specificity and stability.
  • Lucky Colors: Aquamarine is an auspicious color for Libra gamblers. Its light blue color has a calming effect on players, allowing them to remain calm and control their thoughts and feelings. If you’re a Libra, this is the perfect color to look for because it puts your mind at ease and gives you confidence in your actions.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Libras enjoy imaginative worlds or illustrations that stimulate their creative sides. As a result, online casino slot games are the ideal jungle gym for them to have the wonder-filled fun they desire. Choose one that incorporates the colors aquamarine or light-blue; they may work very well. There is no doubt that it is aquamarine color in online slots free play
  • Acorn Pixie, Zuma, Gonzo’s Quest will bring success to the sign of Libra.
  • Lucky Numbers: Libra gamblers have a lot of success in any game because they have a bigger advantage in numbers. They take advantage of the fact that they have 3 different lucky numbers, which are 5, 6, and 9.

★Scorpio (October 24-November 21)

Scorpios are bold individuals that are passionate and creative in their way. A calm atmosphere allows them to face their dreams without fear. However, you would have to avoid lavish spending or situations that could cause you to fall into debt. Hitting the jackpot is inevitable in your gambling as good fortune awaits you.

  • Scorpios Lucky Days to Gamble: Scorpio gamblers are quick decision-makers. This is because Mars rules Scorpio, and it is a water sign. So Tuesday is the lucky day for Scorpio gamblers as Mars rules over that day. February 26, May 25, and November 4 are all Tuesdays. During these days, you can play games with your friends or play a National Lottery game.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: Scorpios are good at calculating, planning, and analyzing life events. These abilities make gambling Scorpios choose card games or slot games to become experts with their analytical knowledge. So this is the time to give these games a trial and watch the stars break in your favor.
  • Lucky Colors: Scorpios are compatible with intense colors. These colors enable Scorpio gamblers to increase their focus while calming their inner tension and exploring their imaginations. Purple, black, bloody red, white, and taupe are the lucky colors for Scorpio gamblers.
  • Lucky Numbers: Scorpios are among the few gamblers that have higher luck than others. They have unique number selection and combinations that equate to luck. You should pay attention to the following numbers for luck and favor in your game. 1,2,4,7,8,39, and 53.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius are risk-takers that are determined to achieve their goals. Sagittarius values independence as they love doing what they want and are also emotionally intelligent. As a Sagittarius, you find calm days boring as you can be impatient, which causes you to search for new hobbies.

  • Sagittarius Lucky Days to Gamble: Wednesdays and Thursdays. August 23 and 24. These days you can try a new slot game for profits and entertainment. A Sagittarius Thursday is a good day to gamble and win casino games. September 1 to 3 is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Put a bet on a new game. In the second week of December, use free spins that don’t require a deposit to play your games.
  • Lucky Colors: Sagittarius gamers love the variety of colors as they love a busy atmosphere. Colors like deep brown, orange, sky blue, and glowy pink will positively affect your game. These colors will bring out your adventurous nature and energize your confidence.
  • Most Suitable Casino Games: With your personality, we recommend that you try slot games. This online casino game is entertaining, beautiful, and profitable. Whether you are a beginner in casino games or knowledgeable in the game, online slot games are pretty straightforward. Video slots are engaging with excellent graphics, sounds, and beautiful colors. As a Sagittarius Gamer, video slots will keep you highly entertained. However, before gambling, you need to create a budget and follow it. Sagittarius lucky colors are orange, sky blue, and glory pink, which means Mustang Money, Dragon Link, Lightning Link and Heart of Vegas free pokies no download are the best options.
  • Lucky Numbers: Sagittarius gamers have lucky numbers that will profit them when playing casino games. As a Sagittarius, you would have to follow your Instincts when using the numbers below to hit a huge payout. The lucky numbers are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,15,25, 29, and 79.



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