How Long Does It Take to Write a 5000-word Essay?


What makes students seek assignment writing help? As a rule, laziness and a lack of talent have nothing to do with students’ troubles. The major problem is a lack of time management and a wrong idea about how long this or that assignment will take.

Students falsely believe that they can type their essays as fast as they think or speak, thus neglecting the vital added time for finding credible sources, organizing them, generating and ordering the arguments, etc.

In this article, experts from GradeMiners expose the process behind writing an extended essay, like a 5,000-word essay, to show why this process can take several days, even in the experienced writer’s practice. Read on to find workable productivity tips and excel in extended essay writing.

Why Is the Timing Confusing?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that academic writing speed has nothing to do with your physical ability to write. Indeed, you can type 5,000 words in two hours or so when texting with friends or having fun. But can this be repeated with an academic essay? We bet it can’t, as much labor stands behind every typed word of an academic piece. As a result, you need to factor in many additional steps involved in the academic process, both before and after the actual writing activity.

Why Does a 5000-word Essay Take So Long?

Even the writers employed at best writing services know that writing takes time and needs to be approached with care. Why can’t you compose 5,000 words in two hours if it’s physically possible? The reason for this discrepancy is in the amount of analysis, research, planning, and structuring invested in such an assignment, which can rarely be squeezed even in 24 hours, let alone a couple of hours promised by Google.

#1 Topic

The process of topic selection is probably the most important strategic step in the process of writing a 5,000-word essay. Some students get stuck on it for several days, if not weeks, trying to figure out something exceptional. Our tip is to abandon these efforts as soon as you feel you’re in a rut. It’s always better to go for a more understandable and familiar topic than waste time looking for a masterpiece.

#2 Research

Now that you have an idea in mind, it’s time to see what others say on this subject. Use your college library and course readings to find supplementary materials for your paper. Focus on the most reputable people and publications, as professors always pay attention to the quality of the source you use.

#3 Outlining

With a heap of sources at hand, you can compose the backbone for your essay – your outline. Include the key points that every section should contain and structure the arguments by paragraph. This outline will be your roadmap throughout the writing process.

#4 Writing

Now it’s time to compose the text of your extended essay. Try not to deviate from the outline; focus on the content and outcome you strive to; the process will be much more enjoyable if you stay disciplined and plan specific chunks of time for every section.

#5 Revision

When the whole essay is ready, it’s time to revise in-depth. Show it to your friend; read it aloud to your family. They will notice the pitfalls much quicker as they are detached listeners. Don’t be afraid to cut something out; the essay will look better without ambiguous, chunky sentences confusing the readers.

Productivity Tips for Writers

If you want to boost your writing productivity, try applying these tips:

  • Practice regularly by writing every day in different places.
  • Don’t show your drafts to anyone except the professor before finalizing the piece.
  • Listen to your body and work only at your productivity peaks.
  • Oust all distractions and focus on the process entirely. Use timed writing techniques to squeeze the maximum of your productivity from 30- to 60-minute work chunks.

Anyway, even if all these productivity tips don’t work out for you and you see that the deadline is approaching, you can choose a wiser path. No need to spend days and nights writing that essay for a high grade. You can entrust this task to a top essay writing service, thus preserving peace of mind and getting everything done on time with top-level quality of composition, research, and formatting. Keep this alternative in mind to avoid the desperate, stressful situations in life; everything is manageable, and extended essays from your professor are as well.


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