Travelling Post-Covid: This Is the Country You Should Visit


The pandemic has made international travelling extremely difficult, as each country has its own travel restrictions. At the same time, our government had to come up with restrictions for returnees, who spent time abroad during the pandemic.

While some people have been content with not being able to travel or with being limited to travelling within the UK, others decided to burden themselves with researching travel restrictions and possible holiday destinations.

As of now, it seems like travelling should become a lot easier again, as the majority of people in Europe have got the Covid shot. It’s not surprising at all that plenty of people suffering from severe wanderlust are already planning their next holiday abroad.

If you’re still looking for the perfect destination, you should definitely consider Portugal. Here’s why:

Portugal – Close Yet Different

There is something beautifully mysterious about Portugal, the southern European country. The nation perfectly combines European standards and Mediterranean idleness. Various tourist hotspots all over the country are certainly worth seeing.

Algarve – Beautiful Coastline

If you haven’t been to Algarve, you technically have not been to Portugal. Travellers, who are on a budget or who actively decide against a typical all-inclusive resort, should check out for the best holiday apartments in the Portuguese Algarve. The beautiful apartments and holiday cottages offer their guests privacy and all the features that make for a great stay. But what is there to discover in the southernmost region of continental Portugal?

Faro – the Capital

Faro is the capital of the Algarve region and attracts tourists with its stunning architecture and interesting history. A stroll through the scenic old town is a must, but guests should also make sure to dine in one of the many fish restaurants. There, you can enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood. To get a real feel for Portuguese culture, don’t miss out on stockfish, one of the national dishes.

Beaches in Algarve

Stunning rock constellations, perfect waves for surfing, smooth waters for swimming, and perfect sandy beaches for sunbathing – that’s the all-around package tourists can enjoy when visiting one of the many beaches down Algarve’s coastline. No matter what you wish for on a beach, you’ll find it there. Of course, there are tons of overcrowded hotels by the coast, but for the perfect experience, consider renting a holiday apartment close to the beach instead.

Lisbon – Portugal’s Capital

The country of Portugal has a lot more to offer than its many perfect beaches. The capital, Lisbon, is another must-see now that travelling is becoming easier again. The Portuguese capital is listed as one of the alpha-level global cities because of its high importance in the fields of finance, commerce, trade, education, and tourism.

This fact should give you an idea of how much there is to experience in Lisbon: Lisbon is the second-oldest city in Europe – Athens being the oldest one. That means that Lisbon carries more history than Rome does. Even though many people know that Lisbon is full of cultural and historical sites, the real importance of the southern European capital is not known to everybody. Lisbon plays in the same league as London, Paris, Rome, or Berlin, but offers one big advantage for tourists: Lisbon is situated right by the coast, which makes it the only European capital with Atlantic beaches.

In Lisbon, you can easily combine a sightseeing trip with a beach holiday. If you prefer to see more of the beautiful country that Portugal is, what about planning for a roundtrip through the country? If you get the chance, make sure to visit other tourist hotspots like Braga up North, Guimarães, Portugal’s former capital, Porto, the origin of the popular port wine, and the city of Coimbra, hotspot of the intellectually and artistically interested community.



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