New Businesses Need A Website, And Here’s What They Need To Consider When Making It


The corporate world is changing. Individuals no longer feel the need to work for top conglomerate companies to work their way up the ladder. In 2021, individuals can go straight to the top by starting a business and working for themselves.

This reality seems to have resonated with residents in the United Kingdom, where more than 50% of the British workforce wants to start a business of their own.

However, wanting to start a business and actually doing it are two distinctly different things since a lot goes into the process. While your attention should go on your company’s financial needs, prospective business owners should also focus on creating an attractive website. Why? Well, think of your website as a handshake. It’s the first chance a business gets to make a lasting impression on potential consumers. A firm handshake in real-life seals the job, and a well-designed website does the same on the internet.

What Should You Consider When Making A Website?

Writing Style

Businesses must match their writing style on their website with their intended brand voice because this consistency helps to build customer loyalty. Creating style guides is one way to ensure you’re maintaining a consistent writing style; this process essentially consists of compiling information about things like voice, tone, and style into one document. Consider the voice as the persona of your business: it’s a fusion of diction, storytelling, and calls to action. The tone focuses more on formality, while the style involves syntax. It’s worth mentioning that typography also plays a role in maintaining a consistent writing style.

The website for Harley Davidson is an excellent example of this. The motorcycle manufacturer understands the importance of having a consistent writing style that matches its voice. For instance, Harley Davidson’s voice is confident and strong, and the headlines on their website (“In Pursuit of Adventure,” “Grab Life By The Bars”) evoke this confidence and patriotism.

The Designing and Development Stage

Once a company has compiled a style guide, it’s time to move on to the website’s design and development. It’s best to start with choosing a domain and host that is memorable and reflects your brand’s voice. Businesses will want to watch out for spelling mistakes, but they will also want to make sure they have incorporated SEO tactics.

Additionally, business owners will also want to make sure they are creating a clean website design. Distracting graphics and large text can take a user’s attention away from your brand or content. One example of this is WealthSimple’s website. Typically, websites for investment services are crowded by spreadsheets and confusing language, but WealthSimple makes excellent use of the white space on its website and doesn’t overstimulate the visitor.

Lastly, colour schemes also play a role in creating an appealing website, as different hues mean different things to people. As such, companies must consider their target audience before choosing a colour for their website, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. As we covered, before you start your business, you need to know everything about your audience. Once you know them, you can refer to colour psychology charts in order to see what colours might not sit well with this audience and which colours are more likely to resonate accordingly.

What Do You Do Once The Website Is Live?

After all that hard work, you’ll be ready to launch your website. However, that’s not the time to drop the ball. Once your website is live, you’re going to want to drive traffic to the site.

Display advertising and social media advertising are the most common ways to drive website traffic. However, we’re also starting to see more entertainment sites offer promotions to visitors to incentivise them to return as well as promotions for new users to attract them there in the first place. For example, according to the review site Oddschecker, many online casino platforms, including the best live casinos, offer bonuses and promotions to attract and retain users. These promotions include things like spending £10 and getting a £60 bonus. These incentives, through word of mouth marketing, can help drive traffic to a website. Therefore, it’s worth considering whether the use of promotional bonuses can help to bolster your online presence, and whether your commerce could be used as a freebie/trial subscription model to entice new visitors to your website and potentially more long-term customers.

Even if your business is brick and mortar, you must create a website. It can be a daunting process, but as long as you make sure your writing is consistent and that the website’s design is clean and appealing, you’re on your way. The last thing to remember is once your website is live, that’s when the hard work starts. You will have to drive traffic through either social media or by offering incentives to new and returning users.


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