Why the gaming scene in the North-West is thriving


If you are not keyed into the gaming world, you may not have realised just how successful the North-West has been in this relatively new sport.

A series of impressive semi-professional and professional gamers have appeared in the North-West and competed well in regional, domestic, and international competitions during the last few years.

The rise of gaming talent in the North-West has mirrored the increase of gaming across the UK – and the sport shows no signs of slowing down.

Playing the catch-up game – and winning

Perhaps it should not be surprising that a place like Warrington is home to such big up and coming gaming talent as there are a surprising amount of gaming and video game equipment stores here. However, many people are likely unaware that Warrington is also home to an entire eSports gaming arena – one of just a few in the country.

Cities like Warrington have big populations of homegrown gamers, and they are starting to get the support and attention they need to thrive as players and teams. More than ever, players can create a career out of their gaming through professional play and streaming.

As talent continues to come from the North-West, it is likely to have a self-perpetuating effect and encourage other young and prospective gamers to give it a try and join a team. That is because gaming will be shown to be a viable option for youngsters who are interested in video games.

Other forms of gaming growing in popularity

Another form of gaming rapidly growing in popularity in the North-West is online gambling and sports betting. Over the last five years, the online gambling industry has essentially exploded in popularity, and market analysts are predicting that online gambling is set to soon overtake physical gambling in brick-and-mortar establishments in terms of popularity and revenue.

There are now so many online available that it can be difficult for gamblers to choose a specific casino that fits their interests and needs. Platforms such as Mobile Casino Service compile information about all of the top online casinos and present it for gamblers to make the decision-making process that much easier. The existence of platforms like Mobile Casino Service is a testament to the popularity of this relatively new industry.

The future of gaming in the UK

Although no one can tell the future, it looks like the North-West will continue to be a hot spot for gaming for years to come. The Covid-19 pandemic led many more people to follow competitive gaming than ever before, and more funding is available for prospective professional gamers.

We can only hope that the North-West continues to dominate in regional and international competitions. As the teams here continue to succeed, it becomes increasingly likely that the local talent will receive the support and attention it needs to thrive


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