How Has Online Gambling Changed in the United Kingdom Since the COVID-19 Pandemic?


The British gambling industry has been thriving for the past few years. Casinos have emerged at a rapid rate, be it brick-and-mortar or on the net.

More and more people have turned to casino gaming to have fun and be able to earn some money in the process. The increasing number of online casinos has made more people try it out. But last year, an unprecedented event stopped the world. The coronavirus pandemic popped up, and the world has not been the same ever since. The public health sector went into a frenzy for many to keep everyone safe. It has ended up affecting everything. Many gambling studies were carried out at a national level in the United Kingdom, to analyse the current situation of online gambling during COVID. This article is related to this very issue, so keep on reading if you wish to learn more.

Implications for online and offline casinos

To collect information, questionnaires were given to regular gamblers, and they had to answer all the questions honestly. The data collected from the questionnaires helped different organisations to study the behaviour of bettors during this lockdown. Research has found that the total revenue generated from gambling went down when compared to what previously prevailed. That should not come as a surprise, because that was to be expected. Given the fact that financial troubles erupted all over the globe, and the uncertainty that settled over the future made many people consider their spending habits. But research also revealed that online gambling increased when compared to the results of available previous research. Britain saw an overall decline of 0.6% in GGY, but the internet GGY increased by 8.1%.

While offline gambling during lockdown went down, which was bound to happen since physical casinos were closed, online casino gambling went up, because they are accessible at the touch of a button. The early months in 2020, when the lockdown was imposed, saw the rise in the popularity of gambling sites. They also offered attractive deals, which were hard to refuse, like a 1 dollar deposit casino, whose review you can read here, and understand for yourself what ‘attractive’ bonuses mean. With solutions like Fast Track Gambling, gambling has become even more intriguing for people.

The growth of online casinos

The fact that gambling advertising is done so freely, and television, creates some further issues. Often, ad-breaks on news channels show adverts, which means a lot of people would see them. Even social media promotes them. persons might get curious, and try their hands at it. Even university students can access them. That is not necessarily the bad part. It would increase the revenue generated, so that is okay. But with the virus raging around, and nothing else to do, people turned to betting as a form of escape, which might have drastic impact.

Many online casinos have begun to offer their customers favorable conditions and various benefits, such as mobile versions, additional bonuses and various payment methods. The latter was especially popular because every user wanted to make their deposits safely, eCheck casino Canada is one of the best because it offers the safest and most advantageous conditions.

Most casinos on the net are mobile-friendly nowadays, so it is super-easy to access them as well. Online gambling sites typically include all forms, like, slot games, the cyber versions of electronic gambling machines, bingo, online poker, roulette, among others. So, you can approach a large number of options when you want to play. Sports betting and online sports bettors had to suffer a bit because all live sporting events were cancelled. So, while sports betting took a backseat, the others came to the forefront.

Addictive Gambling

A general population survey was conducted to study the effects that the pandemic has had on gambling habits. Participants were asked to fill up a questionnaire, to understand the problem gambling status among persons. It is the harmful practice of continuing to gamble online even though it is harming your life. Addicted punters often suffer from impaired mental well-being, including issues like anxiety and depression as well. It can have harmful effects on the physical and mental well-being of the person. The severity is measured with the Problem Gambling Severity Index, which helps to identify persons who are at risk of getting addicted.

When asked, problem gamblers often blamed the boredom caused by lockdown which led to an increase in their gambling. They had less work to do than before, and more time at hand. So it led to more screen time, and since casinos on the net can be visited anytime and anywhere, it ended up becoming a habit. With physical casinos, you would have to visit them to indulge in gambling. But when people punt on the net, there is no such restriction. In fact, you can visit UK online Casinos even from Canada, as you can see in this article.

How to Tackle the Issue?

To help regulate unhealthy gambling habits, payment methods like PayPal, Credit Cards, etc were blocked in the country. All net gambling operators were also instructed to partner with Gamstop, which is a free service that helps persons to exclude themselves from net gambling. You can select a minimum period for which you would want to be excluded from casinos on the net, and the service would ensure that you cannot visit any websites during this duration. The commission also strictly expects the operators to keep a check on the users, and report cases of harmful gambling. Sites also promised to reduce gambling advertising in a bid to regulate the problem. You can read all about UK gambling laws here. It is important to know all the laws, so that you don’t end up making mistakes, or fall for scams. There are a lot of fraudulent websites which try their best to cheat everyone. It is important to stay wary of such websites.


While gambling can be fun, it can also be highly addictive. It is necessary to consider the mental health concerns and gambling problems that might emerge. Excess of anything is bad, and the same holds for punting as well. It is not easy to recognise when online gambling changes from amusement to addiction. So, keeping a check on gambling habits is essential, especially in the case of regular gamblers. Support for gambling issues is provided by Gamblers Anonymous, a group of persons who wish to get over compulsive gambling. The scenario has changed considerably, due to the COVID, and might continue to change further. persons in Britain have turned to punt amidst the uncertainty. Surveys and studies should be conducted regularly, and data should be assembled, in association with Gambling Commission and related organisations, to keep punters in check. This would ensure that gambling remains fun, and does not become a cause for concern.


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