The Continuing Success of British-Themed Entertainment


England has inspired many works of art, movies, books, and TV shows, with Warrington itself putting a lot of emphasis on entertainment.

It has been the location of several movies, a stomping ground for many musicians, and the birthplace of famous faces, including Chris Evans of Top Gear fame, ex Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona, and Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard.

British-themed entertainment is great for feeling the spirit of our nation and also supporting the hard-working folks from around the UK. Therefore, it’s very popular in merry old England but also around the world. So, we thought we’d put together some ways to enjoy some classically British entertainment without leaving home to make it as accessible as possible for whoever wants to enjoy it!

British-themed Online Casino Games

British themes are common at online casinos. Complete with Union Jacks and the classic red and blue colour scheme, if players know nothing about the UK, it’s a fun and interactive way of getting an idea of some British culture.

Many of the casino games focus on famous landmarks like Big Ben and the famous red telephone booth. Others look to British heroes for inspiration such as Sherlock Holmes, for example. Casinos atop review sites’ lists of the best UK slots offer titles like Sherlock Holmes And The Hunt For Blackwood, or slots based on famous British villains like Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild because they know they’re popular with players. What’s more, only the most iconic cities inspire this type of entertainment, such as New York with NY Spins casino, or Las Vegas with LeoVegas Casino, demonstrating how special London’s influence on casino gaming is.

The theme doesn’t stop with this genre, either – and it’s not just London in the spotlight. Video gaming is awash with titles set in the UK, such as Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture, which is set in Shropshire, and Grey Matter is set in Oxford. The range of landscapes, from idyllic countryside to urban cityscapes are ideal backdrops for action and adventure.

Warrington a Top Filming Location

In addition to being the inspiration to many creative studios, the UK is also a popular filming location. While London remains one of the most famous locations in the world, Warrington has enjoyed some recognition in this space too, with quite a few movies and series filmed and set here. Safe, a 2018 Netflix crime series will keep you on the edge of your seat, with parts of it filmed right here!

Yanks is a WWII drama released in 1979 and tells the story of a relationship between an American man and a British woman. The film was shot in multiple British locations, including Warrington. Released in 1998, Resurrection Man was set in Belfast but filmed entirely in England while the BBC drama series The Zoo featured many areas across Warrington and Cheshire.

Ordinary Lies is a popular six-part series filmed in locations across Warrington, and tells the story of ordinary people, each with a deep dark secret, working at a car dealership in the city. Landmarks to look out for include The John Stewart car dealership, Warrington Collegiate, and The Orford Hotel.

British TV Shows Making a Splash

In recent years, British television has also exploded. Thanks to partnerships with studios like BBC and Channel 4, a variety of British series has been launched on streaming platforms, introducing these shows to a global audience. Whether it’s sitcoms flaunting classic British humour (hello, Inbetweeners), or more serious period dramas like the award-winning The Crown, audiences across the pond and all over the world are giving British TV the attention it deserves.

Derry Girls is a teen show that is great for some belly laughs. Following a group of troubled characters in the 90s, it’s an unfiltered show that takes laugh-out-loud antics to the next level. The quirky show features a tremendously talented cast of up-and-comers that we should all keep an eye on. If a quick binge is what you’re after, then this is the British show for you. Another staple is Downton Abbey, a period drama featuring British high society. The popular show is packed with drama and enticing storylines, but we won’t give any spoilers!



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