Gambling Industry In The United Kingdom And Ireland – What’s The Difference?


The gambling industry in Ireland and the UK gambling industry may look the same or at least extremely similar. In reality these are very different.

We are going to talk about these differences below and we are going to reveal all the main elements you need to know. In both countries the gambling market is massive and reaches billions. The casino industry is massive in all parts of the globe as well. Anyway, let’s see the specifics and the details you will want to memorise.

The Law

A while back the law in these two countries was very different. In the UK gambling activities were allowed while in Ireland they were not. This meant that there were a lot of betting establishments in Great Britain but just a few in the other country due to loopholes. The law in Ireland was from 1956 and it was later changed in 2015 when it made gambling legal. Since then gambling industry in Ireland has been in the increase and more and more establishments are becoming available as we speak. The gross gambling yield is almost $20 billion in Great Britain and $10b in Ireland.  The Irish gambling industry is growing fast so these numbers will be much higher any time soon. We must mention the UK gambling commission presence in Great Britain which controls the operations and casinos. It is one of the best-known gambling authorities in the world. What is that you may wonder? It is an organise that tests fairness and other elements of British or casinos in Great Britain.

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As you know by now the UK’s gambling industry is massive. There are over 21 million gamblers in the country who enjoy betting, gambling and other similar options on a weekly basis. According to the United Kingdom gambling specifics, these are online gamblers only. There are even more those who gamble in the real world.

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The number of players in Ireland is not specified at the moment so we were unable to find accurate details. We know that there are 50.000 players with problem gambling which means that the number of total players is massive. Also, this online gambling industry is growing as we speak and Irish player count is increasing accordingly. There are more betting shops, more sites and more options in the lack of a better word. We can see that the comparison is similar in this case scenario.

Thanks to the legalization of gambling in both countries we can see a massive popularity of various games. You can enjoy maintaining great skin with the profit you make from gambling. Anyway, in Great Britain, people like UK casinos and like to play table games the most. These include poker games, blackjack, roulette and more. Keep in mind that they also like different variations. British people love Three Card Poker for instance. Gambling online is extremely common and most people enjoy it on a daily or at least weekly basis. In Great Britain gambling addiction is not a big issue. The casino industry is growing on a regular basis. In Great Britain sports betting is popular as well. In Great Britain people love football betting, horse racing and more. Lotteries are extremely popular as well.

As in Great Britain, people in Ireland love table games. This actually started with online casino gaming and slot online and now it is growing as we speak. Same as in Great Britain, people here love table games the most. They prefer blackjack and roulette while poker is popular as well. Online casinos in Great Britain and Ireland offer great table games. The gambling control bill is present.  Maintaining Great Britain is something worth mentioning here. According to the gambling regulator players like lotteries and lots here as well. These are less popular.

Number of Casinos

In Great Britain There are 156 casinos which are known as establishments considering these are available in the real world. In Great Britain there are a lot more gambling companies as you can assume. Some even claim that gambling is as great in Great Britain as in Las Vegas. Rapid growth made this possible. You can place bets anywhere you like. Websites of this kind are extremely common and some of the biggest brands are present in Great Britain and other parts of the world. In the U.K. you have countless options and new ones are added. One of the reasons is the fact the tax is 50% on this business which is high. The Lottery act is, in general, present. The tax is per year. Britain’s sites are well-known.

In Ireland you have fewer establishments than in Great Britain. There are 12 of them and the tax is lower. But, Great Britain has more users. We must add that the government in Ireland helped many businesses of this kind and they are trying to make the industry even more popular. This is a big part here. In the UK you can see less help from the government. Ireland’s sites were able to exist before 2015 thanks to a law loophole. In the UK this was more regulated. In the Kingdom of Britain you can still see more perks and options.

The Final Word

In Great Britain you have more options. In Great Britain you can see more sites and enjoy more. But players from Ireland are growing fast and the industry is one of the best and strongest at the moment and it is growing faster than any other. As such we can see this hobby or form of entertainment special and popular in both countries.


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