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Warrington Sports Celebrities


Being a famous town in England, Warrington has been the home ground for many revolutions since its beginning.

Located between Liverpool and Manchester, it is ranked as the third wealthiest region in the country, owing to its great industries and commercial businesses. Not only did this town embrace thousands of industrial operations such as smelting of copper and giving rise to online bookmakers, but it also produced extraordinary men who are now an integral part of the sports industry.

Warrington is home to a massive number of celebrities who are now reaching new horizons of success with their progress and dedication in the entertainment industry. While Kerry Katona hailing from Warrington, is a social media personality, Ian Brown, also hailing from England, has been an extraordinary singer and multi-instrumentalist of his time. Apart from these famous celebrity names, there are also a number of sports celebrities who are making this little town of England very proud.

Jesse Lingard

Born in the year 1992, Jesse Lingard is a proud citizen of Warrington, England. Owing to his passion for football, he was scouted when he was seven years old. He was given an opportunity to be a member of Manchester United’s Youth Academy when he was a teenager. Readily seizing the opportunity, Jesse made his way to be a professional in 2011 as an official player of Manchester United Football Club. He plays as an attacking midfielder for the Premium League Club of Manchester United, after which he also won the FA World Cup in 2016.

Jim Challinor

If you had been a fan of rugby in the past century, there is no denying that you have heard the name of Jim Challinor. Hailing from Warrington, England, Jim first served his country as a national player. Not only that, he qualified as a great rugby coach of all time after his retirement.

Jim Challinor did not have an easy life. He struggled hard to get where he once got, which was also not for a very long time. He retired at an early age due to a severe injury, after which he began to serve as a coach for the Great Britain National Rugby League Team. His injury led to the removal of one of his kidneys. Tragically enough, the removal of the kidney did not guarantee sound health. Soon after, he died of cancer at the very early age of 42.

James Chester

The passion of Warrington sports celebrities is no different than debutantes just entering in the sports industry. Just like the notion of performing on a national level gets them all pumped up, these sports celebrities fuel the same enthusiasm in passionate players around the globe. Amongst many such sports players, James Chester is one prominent name.

He initiated his professional appearance in Manchester United; however, he moved on to play for EFL Championship Side Stroke City after one match. Moreover, he also played for the Wales National Team as a center-back. In 2016, he joined Aston Villa Football Club to play in the championship seasons. After that, he played as a regular player in all the matches for the team.

Richard Egington

Born in 1979, Richard Egington is a British professional rower. He had joined the Warrington Rowing Club at the early age of 15 years old. At the time, he had absolutely no knowledge of what rowing was all about and how it was done. However, due to his dedication to learning, he was the winner of a silver medal in the M8+ competition held in the summer Olympics in 2008. Men’s eight is a sweep rowing competition in which the participants have to cover a distance of 2000 meters, as described in the National Olympic Standards in 1912.

In 2008, Richard Egington was the lucky winner who won the M8+ competition held in Beijing. Moreover, he also won a bronze medal in a rowing competition held in London in the year 2012.

Neil Fairbrother

Originally named as Neil Harvey, his mother named him ‘Fairbrother’ in honor of her favorite player. Educated at the prestigious institute of Lymm Grammar School, he developed a passion for cricket at an early age. Soon after, he started playing cricket for his county in Lancashire. He also served as the captain of the same team for a few years in the 1990s.

Neil Fairbrother made his international appearance for the first time while playing for the Sharjah Cup in a match against India. In his cricketing career, Neil summed up with a total of more than twenty thousand runs in a total of 366 games.

Roger Hunt

Born in Warrington, United Kingdom, Roger Hunt is the man who played on the winning side in the 1966 World Cup. Owing to his record of making goals in the World Cup, he was also qualified to be displayed in the National Football Museum Hall of Fame in the year 2006.

His utter kindness was reflected when he loaned his medal won in 1964 and gave away his Cup Medal in 1965 to this museum to be put on display. Moreover, the world cup that he won in the year 1966 is also present in the Museum of World Cup Exhibition. To date, Roger Hunt has won the titles of two Division One, one World Cup in 1966, and one FA Cup in 1965. In total, this legendary man played 34 football matches for England in seven years and scored an extraordinary number of 18 goals. Out of these 34 games in which Roger Hunt participated, the team of England lost only two games.


The past decades have witnessed the presence of these legends and their massive impact on the sports industry; its evolution into what it is today. These sports legends may not be active on social media or own a vast fan following in today’s world, but they most certainly occupy a special place in the hearts of many.  Owing to their efforts and dedication towards their game and improving themselves at all times, many young sports enthusiasts have a role model to be inspired by.



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