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Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth Getting?


When shopping for online casinos, there are different factors that players consider, and one of these is scoring the best bonus possible.

The thing about online casino bonuses is that the more website you visit, the harder it is to decide which bonus will benefit you the most. This is unless you know how casino bonuses work. Yes, online casino bonuses are worth getting but some aren’t worth it at all.

The best UK online casinos are in tough competition when it comes to gaining new customers and keeping their already customers loyal. Many of them resort to offering casino bonuses that are hard to resist but as a player. However, the truth is that many players can’t fully understand how casino bonuses could affect their gameplay and overall spending.

The Importance of Understanding How Casino Bonuses Work

Always keep in mind that if you’re after scoring the best casino bonus, it’s not just about how big the bonus will be. Always read the fine print and check for items like the wagering requirement and whether the bonus can only be used on certain games.

Online casinos have different wagering requirements and percentages and this could also depend on the type of bonus that they are offering. The wagering requirement is the number of times that a bonus needs to be wagered or played with before you can withdraw it. It’s typical for casinos to have a wagering requirement of 35 times but this could also be lower or higher to some.

The wagering percentage is how much certain casino games can contribute to the wagering requirement. Usually, slot machine games contribute with a higher percentage and table games like blackjack and poker are on the lower side of the wagering requirement.

Common Types of Casino Bonuses Than Online Casinos Offer

You can easily notice that online casinos offer different types of bonuses. Some operators focus on bonuses for new customers while others for their existing customers. Some are generous for both and here are some of the common bonuses that they offer.

  • Welcome Bonus – most online casinos offer this type of bonus nowadays and only new customers are eligible to get this. There are online casinos that offer as much as a 100 percent welcome bonus.
  • No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is becoming quite popular with newer casinos as it gives players the chance to try their games out for free. It’s something to take advantage of if you’re still unsure about playing at a certain website.
  • Payment Method Bonus – Nowadays, gambling sites offer the most convenient payment methods online. However, there are payment solutions that not everyone is keen to use and so, operators would encourage their customers to try certain payment channels by offering bonuses too.
  • Referral Bonus – This type of bonus is still offered by many casinos especially when they need new players. Their loyal customers can earn free spins or a small commission on referring a new player to their site.
  • High Roller Casino Bonuses – Aside from gaining new customers and keeping their players loyal, casinos would also encourage their players to deposit more and play more on their site. For this, online casinos offer extra bonuses to their VIP players or high rollers. The more deposit you make, the more bonuses you are entitled to get.

Important Considerations When Going After a Bonus

Overall, online casino bonuses could be worth getting. Just always consider your gambling styles and needs. If you will be playing casino games for a long time, it’s best that you for bonuses that are meant for loyal customers. However, if you don’t intent to deposit into your gaming account often, then make sure that you make the most out of a welcome bonus.

Reading the terms and agreement is a must. The last thing you want to do is to make a deposit thinking that you’ll get a bonus and end up learning that you’re not even eligible to get the bonus. You should also check if an online casino requires a minimum amount for you to be able to withdraw your money. Players who fail to check on these things usually end up getting frustrated because they can’t get their money right away.

Lastly, now that you know about wagering requirements, always keep this in mind. Check if the games that you usually play can greatly contribute to the requirements you have to meet. The best online casino bonus will just always depend on how you gamble.



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