UGears Wooden Puzzles: never annoying toys


Today, the assortment of wooden puzzles is simply amazing. Such puzzles are exciting and never annoying toys for both children and adults.

Unique and entertaining 3D wooden puzzles for adults and kids will allow you to become the owner of your own Hurdy-Gurdy or create a refined interior item in the form of a Treasure Box model. Before assembling, you need to carefully remove all the plywood parts and then connect them following the instructions.

UGears 3D puzzles are laser cut as accurately as possible; so, you do not need additional tools to prepare the parts or glue to connect them. Such engineering creativity brings only pleasure and positive emotions.

Principles of Mechanics in Action

Ready-made UGears mechanical models work based on a rubber drive, the untwisting of which sets the gears in motion, and your mechanical puzzle made of wood begins to rotate, spin, and drive. The special interest of these wooden puzzles is that all mechanisms remain open, and you can watch them work.

Benefits of Wooden Puzzles

Modern puzzles are a separate trend among logical entertainment. Every year, companies develop new educational games and toys for children and their parents.

Wooden puzzles have many advantages. They are environmentally friendly, safe for the health of both adults and children, carry a positive energy charge, and develop many skills.

Wooden 3D puzzles for adults from the UGears brand are prefabricated models of planes, cars, ships, trucks, etc. Assembled with your own hands, they will become a real object of pride and interior decorating your desktop, as well as replenish your home collection of 3D puzzles or become the most original and useful gift for any adult.

Designer UGears wooden model kits for adults not only retain their usefulness but can also be passed on from generation to generation. With proper operation, they can even serve you for more than a dozen years.



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