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How to choose the deodorants and antiperspirants


Personal hygiene is an essential part of human life. Taking care of yourself helps you look not only good but also directly impacts your health. If proper hygiene is neglected, it can lead to irreversible consequences over time.

Choosing any cosmetics from this category, you need to look carefully at the composition, formulation and manufacturer’s reputation. Especially if you’re going to buy deodorant or antiperspirant.

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Although we almost daily see these hygiene products in shops, few people know about their differences. But that’s OK! Every consumer doesn’t have to understand the nuances of the chemical formula or distinguish between the cosmetic differences. However, if you do want to shop more accurately at the drugstores and supermarkets, you should know the following:

  • antiperspirant – this product’s purpose is to waterproof. The formula of antiperspirant contains particular substances which temporarily block sweat glands. And the composition does not disrupt their work but only clogs the end channels for a short time;
  • deodorant – this product does not stop the end ducts of the sweat glands; it only masks the smell of sweat. Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants contain only deodorising ingredients.

Lately, brands have also been making another category of products – antiperspirant deodorants. They perform the function of two products at the same time. That’s why antiperspirant deodorants are suitable for people who like nice smells and don’t want to sweat too much. With this solution, you can temporarily stop your sweat glands and feel pleasantly fragrant.

Five tips for buying the right personal care product:

  1. Choose the right consistency – this goods category comes in roller, spray and solid form. The main characteristics of the wares are not affected by this fact. Only the way the product is applied to the skin is different. The active ingredients in the formula are identical; only fragrances and certain unnecessary ingredients may differ.
  2. Favour a neutral fragrance – don’t assume that a strong aroma will overcome the unpleasant sweat smell. On the contrary, a too sweet or harsh scent will worsen it in hot weather, leaving you with a bad and unpleasant odour mixed with your sweat. Also, for people with an acute sense of smell, overly strong odours will kill you. Buy products with a neutral or unobtrusive perfumed component if possible.
  3. Buy salt-free or clear deodorants, as these products won’t stain your clothes and will keep your dark-coloured clothes looking nicer for longer.
  4. It would be best to avoid silicones as they can quickly clog pores and cause irritation to the delicate skin underarms. It is because silicone easily plug sweat glands and cause irritation.
  5. Zero alcohol and zero problems. This component also dries the epidermis in the armpit area and provokes redness. If you use it regularly, you will experience discomfort and dryness in the armpit area. Take care with items containing avocado oil or skin-soothing substances. Other caring ingredients with a moisturising effect would also be an advantage.

You can buy various personal care products at MAKEUP online shop. On the website, you can sort products by composition, select only deodorants, antiperspirants or deodorant-antiperspirants. In this way, you can choose the cosmetic goods you want to purchase as precisely as possible.



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