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Games After Work: How People Relax After a Hard Day


Games often have a reputation for being action-packed and exciting. Most games that come to mind need quick thinking and even quicker reflexes to complete missions. But after a hard day’s work, sometimes these types of games can be just a tad too much to handle, both physically and mentally.

Thankfully, the gaming market also has a niche for much more chill and relaxing games. These games do not involve as much brainpower or skill to play. Rest assured, these games will not leaving you on the edge of your gaming seat with your heart racing and screaming through your headset. Instead, these Zen games provide a rather mildly challenging yet still engaging experience for players, resulting in an overall uplifting sensation.

In this article, we have compiled the top games that will transport you to a world away from the troubles and daily stresses of life. Give your brain a digital detox and try them out today!

1.   Cessabit: A Stress Relief Game

Stress relief is in the name, and stress relief is what it does – quite well, we might add! The simplicity of the game combined with a soothing soundtrack really helps accomplish what promised in the game title. Graphics consist of black and white line drawings that occasionally dashed with a colorful object or two. The aim of the game is simply memorize the drawing you see and answer some questions about it.

2.   Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an online free-to-play first-person shooter game. Now, I know what you are thinking – not the most relaxing genre. However, the game can made a whole lot more relaxing using Destiny 2 Carry services.

These pro gamers can do all the heavy lifting for you and take care of the hard parts of the game, such as leveling up and completing hard missions to unlock features. This leaves you with the easy job of exploring the dystopian world at your leisure and admiring the fantastical terrains.

3.   Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a series of games developed by Nintendo. Titles from the series have been periodically released since 2001 and were originally only available on Nintendo consoles but have since expanded to other platforms such as Android and iOS devices.

Its open-ended gameplay allows you to roam around the landscape at will, interact with anthropomorphic animals, or just enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

4.   Gardenscape

Match-three games are commonly played by many on social media platforms or on mobile and tablet devices. Gardenscapes by Playrix puts a charming twist to the classic genre, adding another layer of fun with decorative opportunities. Match-three playing fields consist of colorful and juicy-looking fruits. Each level has different objectives, with a set number of moves and sometimes a time limit.

These objectives get progressively harder the higher the level. Interspersed with the gameplay is a cute storyline of main character Austin and his quest to restore an inherited mansion and its ever-expanding garden. For each level you pass, you earn stars that can exchanged for a restoration of your choice.

5.   Townscaper

What better way to escape from the world than to create your very own? Townscaper is an indie city building game created by Swedish developer Oskar Stålberg. This calming game allows you to design the town of your dreams by placing blocks on an infinite ocean. The appearances of these blocks can change depending on their placement.

You can also change the color of buildings and create areas consisting of arches, balconies, bridges, spires, gardens, and stairways. The possibilities are endless, and you will likely spend as much time admiring your town as you did building it!

6.   Planet Zoo

Construct and manage your own Zoo with this sophisticatedly designed simulation game brought to you by Frontier Developments. It has detailed and awe-inspiring graphics with a variety of building options. The game utilizes advanced AI technology to simulate realistic and accurate animal behaviors. The results are truly impressive, making Planet Zoo an irresistible game for animal lovers.

In addition to development and wildlife preservation goals, there is an economic element to the game, too, with comprehensive management tools to ensure you budget well to keep the Zoo running. Let your imagination run as wild as the animals in your virtual Zoo, with Planet Zoo!

7.   Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Available on most major gaming consoles, Alva: A Wildlife Adventure is a new game released in 2020 to critical acclaim. It is an open-world adventure game that focuses on roaming the digital environment and conserving wildlife. You will accumulate tasks on your journey to complete and gain signatures for a petition against the industrialization of the island.

Go on virtual hikes and take photos of the adorable animals using your character’s mobile phone to identify and catalog them. Take in the sights and immerse yourself in the tranquility of your rural surroundings. Everything can be done at your own pace, which adds to the game’s relaxing nature.


I hope you enjoyed our list of top relaxing games to play after a hard day. These games are perfect for helping you wind down from a busy 9 to 5, to play before bed, or to help stay-at-home parents enjoy a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of looking after the children and home.

Games have become a saving grace for many in current times, especially with rife uncertainty and social distancing in place all over the world. Sometimes a little virtual distraction is just what the doctor ordered. Now curl up in a comfortable position with your tablet or recline that office chair and fire up that PC to play a game; I know we will!


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