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March Madness Betting Strategies for Making Profit


How Does March Madness Work?

The NCAA March Madness tournament is an exhilarating two weeks of non-stop College Basketball action. Sixty-eight teams are being invited to participate in the most prestigious college tournament there is. This field of teams is composed of the most talented teams and conference tournament winners.

The NCAA selection committee has a rule that grants every conference tournament winner, regardless of regular-season performance, admission into the tournament. This is a generous rule as it allows for teams that haven’t played well throughout the season a chance to redeem their previous themselves and their previous efforts.

The teams are seeded and separated into four quadrants of a bracket, 1-16, with the highest seed playing the lower seed and the best teams rank in descending order. The teams play in the round of 64, round of 32, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and the famous Final Four. It is exciting for the casual fan because teams can get hot, make runs, and ultimately have a Cinderella story to the final four.

How Do You Bet on March Madness?

Types of Bets

As March Madness gets a lot of attention surrounding it, it also draws some of the most betting action for any event. These bets come in multiple forms, as Sports Book operators want to give players as many options as possible to acquire the customer. An example of one of these bets that are very popular for the tournament is called Future Props.

These are propositions of things that can potentially happen in the future. These bets are when choosing a specific team to win the entire tournament or make it to a specific round. These bets are perfect if you are very confident in a team to do well or simply are a big supporter of one school.

Besides, CBS and ESPN are the two most popular sites to fill out a bracket and enter a tournament challenge. Generally set up amidst a pool of friends, one can fill out a tournament bracket and receive each prediction’s points. If you would simply like to fill out a bracket, there are many public sweepstakes to enter and compete against a big field.

There is also standard pre-game betting on sides and totals for each specific game. All of the first-round lines are available to bet on; however, the future round matchups cannot be wagered on as the teams have still not advanced.

As mentioned earlier, with future props, player props are becoming more widely available for all players to wager on. More sportsbooks are offering these lines to compete with another for market share. Player props are an entertaining wagering proposal, as they are a proposition for how a player will do.

This comes down to choosing a player to have over a total amount of rebounds, a number of three-point field goals made, or whether you think they will have a triple-double.

People enjoy another popular betting type, especially in March Madness, where crazy comebacks and upsets are in-play live betting. As the score adjusts with what is happening in real-time, a live betting market constantly updates new odds after each basket. If you are watching a team and believe that they will make a run or are gaining momentum, this would be the best type of bet for you.

Betting Strategies for the 2021 NCAA Tournament

Now that you know the tournament structure and how to bet on it, here are some quick tips before you enter the fray. First, look to spot teams with momentum heading into the tournament. This includes teams who made a conference run and played their best basketball of the season entering the tournament.

This includes conference winners North Texas, St. Bonaventure, and Colgate, who are all playing with confidence and have the talent to make some early noise in the opening weekend.

Next, do not use seed as your primary indicator for who is the right team to bet on. For example, Rutgers, a ten seed, is favoured to beat Clemson, a seven seed, and multiple lower seeds are favoured to win their first-round matchup. When making future bets, make sure to look out for teams that have particularly tough early matchups.

One example is Baylor, who could see Wisconsin, one of the most statistically under-seed teams in the second round tournament. Also, a Michigan team who is currently missing their best player Isaiah Livers is likely to face red hot St. Bonaventure in the second round, who are primed to make a Cinderella run.

Finally, defensive presence is a contributing factor for teams to make a deep run in the tournament. Something to note, teams that can alternate between man and zone defences have been historically more successful in the tournament. Also, teams who have shown that they have a clutch factor during the regular season are better in wire-to-wire tournament games.

Who is the Favourite to Win the Tournament?

The favourite to win the tournament are the Gonzaga Bulldogs. As their odds are (+200), they are overwhelming favourites when the next best team, Illinois Fighting Illini, is (+650). This means that if you would like to bet $1 on Gonzaga to win, that bet would win $2, a net of $3 total. In turn, if you think Illinois is going to win, you would bet $1 to win $6.5, a net of $7.5 total.

An interesting thing to note to understand how big of an odds discrepancy this is; Gonzaga is the most favoured team to win the tournament (purely using the betting odds as a viewpoint) in the last 20 years. This speaks to how talented they are as a team and how big of a drop-off 0000is about the talent level in the rest of the country.

Where can I place a March Madness Bet?

According to Safest Betting Sites, the best place to make a sports bet on March Madness is with one of our trusted Sports Books. Bovada is a great option as they offer the most player props and most options for future bets. Bovada is offering the most choices on which teams will make it to a specific round, benefiting the player if they are very confident in one team.

Final Thoughts

The March Madness tournament is full of crazy games, unheard of players shining, and teams getting hot and making runs. Be sure to read up on late-breaking info concerning Covid-19, injuries, and who has been playing well to construct informative picks. Identify teams and spots where you can potentially have an edge versus betting every game, and good luck with any wagers you may have. Enjoy the tournament!





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