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Support Your Favourite Charities and Save Money With My Favourite Voucher Codes


Following the events of last year, it’s more important than ever to show our support for small businesses. However, at the same time, many of us will be frantically looking for ways in which we can still save money.

Thankfully, this is where websites such as My Favourite Voucher Codes come in. The independent voucher code website is based in Bath and as a company, they’re passionate about helping their users to save money. Not only that, they love to do their bit for good causes too, donating 20% of their profits each month to a different charity. Despite being a small, independent company, their site is home to thousands of voucher codes, deals and discounts from some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Amazon, Boots, and Sports Direct. Through their site, it’s possible to save money on everything from the weekly shop to those larger investments such as furniture and appliances. Every time a user makes a purchase through the site, these retailers pay a small commission, and it’s from this that the company is able to donate 20% of their profits every month. Since the site launched in 2012, they have raised over £60,000 for different causes, with everything from small, local charities to larger national organisations benefiting.

In terms of how the charity that benefits is decided, this is all done through the site’s monthly poll. Each month, they nominate four organisations who compete for votes by visitors to the site. Users can vote for free while also taking advantage of the voucher codes and discounts available, and at the end of the month, the charity with the most votes wins the donation. For the month of March, the site is supporting charities in honour of a number of awareness events, and from the 1st of March, you can have your say over which of the following charities wins the donation.

Freedom4Girls UK

In honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th March, My Favourite Voucher Codes are supporting Freedom4Girls, a charity based in Leeds committed to fighting period poverty. The charity aims to tackle the stigma, taboo and gender inequality surrounding menstruation by providing support, education and the provision of sanitary products to those who need them. Freedom4Girls are passionate about education, so work to normalise conversations around menstruation in young people. Additionally, they provide menstrual products not only to people in the UK, but also in areas of East Africa too, where young women and girls find it incredibly difficult to access them. Ultimately, the charity’s aim is to empower young people in the UK and Africa, so that no woman or girl is held back by her period.

Irise International

Similarly, the site is also featuring Irise International in their line-up in honour of International Women’s Day. Irise is another charity aimed at tackling period poverty and the stigma around menstruation. Working in both the UK and East Africa, their ultimate aim is to empower young people to reach their potential, without being held back by their period. Their work in the UK focuses on tackling the taboo around periods and challenging the traditional views that have caused them to be stigmatised. Additionally, in East Africa, Irise works to build period friendly schools and communities so that young girls are no longer held back by their period, can stay in school, and are able to reach their potential. Irise International have previously featured on My Favourite Voucher Codes, coming first place in the May 2019 charity poll and winning a donation of £139.81.

Self Injury Support

Next in the line-up is Self Injury Support, who My Favourite Voucher Codes have nominated in honour of Self Injury Awareness Day on the 1st of March. This charity works to support women and girls affected by self-injury, providing safe spaces where clients will be listened to and understood. In addition to their UK wide support service, they also provide information and self help tools that are free and accessible to everyone. The charity also works with those working in education and health and social care, providing training and consultancy in order to help improve models of support. Since 2013, Self Injury Support have responded to over 91,000 emails, chat messages and texts from those in need of support, and in 2017, they trained over 200 staff in health, social care and education, helping them provide better support for people affected by self injury.

Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association (SWEDA)

Finally, completing the March line-up is Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association (SWEDA), who were nominated in honour of Eating Disorder Awareness Week on the 1st of March. SWEDA supports clients of all genders and ages who struggle with poor body image. They are one of the few specialist eating disorder charities in the UK, recognising that body image is a significant factor linked with eating disorders. They aim for early intervention and to support clients in their recovery via one to one sessions, empowering them to live fulfilled, healthy lives. Providing preventative and recovery focused support, the charity not only helps those affected by eating disorders, but they also provide training for medical professions, counsellors, school staff, and health care workers too.

How You Can Get Involved

If you want to support one of this month’s charities, you can do so from the 1st of March up until the 31st. Simply head over to My Favourite Voucher Codes where you’ll find the poll on the right of the homepage. Select your chosen charity followed by the red button to confirm, and that’s it. It’s completely free to vote and you don’t have to make a purchase via the site for your vote to count. However, if you have any online shopping to do, be sure to take a look at the codes the site has available, as not only will you have a chance to save money on your purchase, but you’ll also be contributing towards the charity donation, all at no extra cost to you. The site hosts a new line-up of charities every single month too, so every single time you shop with My Favourite Voucher Codes, you’ll be supporting good causes. You can even nominate charities to take part in future polls too, either via their website, or by emailing Charities Coordinator Amy Jackson on amy@mfvc.co.uk.


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