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Top Crypto Exchange Fees to Know About


Are you trying to minimize your cryptocurrency trading fees so you can have better profits? It’s important to reduce the fees so that they do not reduce the chances of you making money.

There is no way to reduce the fees completely, but you can avoid paying premiums.

In this article you’ll learn about 3 types of exchange fees that any trader should know about before starting. You’ll see that the fees are not that big so you can still make money while trading crypto. Keep in mind that the fees will vary a lot based on the platform that you are trading on.

Trade fee

All trading platforms will charge you money when making a trade. You need to figure out what type of fees you will have to deal with, and they are usually around 0.1% of the trade value. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making only one trade instead of many small ones.

The volume of trades you make might also have an impact on the percentage that you are charged. Overall, the trade fee is not very big so you can still make profit. Your chances of making or losing money will most likely depend on the strategy that you are using instead of the fee. Taking a look at pages like https://www.bitreviews.com/crypto-exchanges/ allows you to find exchanges that provide the lowest fees.

Deposit fee

You will be charged a deposit fee every time you want to add money to your account. Therefore, it makes sense to add money infrequently so you will not be charged a lot in fees. However, it is possible to find some exchanges like Binance where you can deposit without incurring a fee. You’ll see that fees can eat into profits so looking for exchanges without them is a great idea.

Withdrawal fee

You can also get charged for money that you want to take out of the platform. The more winnings you want to remove from the exchange the more you will be charged. It’s not common to find an exchange that will not charge you money for withdrawals. To reduce the cost of taking money out you could do it infrequently. However, that will not matter if the cost is a percentage instead of being a fixed number.

Final thoughts

Make sure that you know all of the exchange fees before using a platform to start trading cryptocurrency with your strategy. Choose a fee structure that is a good match for your trading strategy to reduce costs. You’ll see that fees are a normal part of the trading process and will not have a big impact on your ability to make money.


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