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Why you should hire a flair bartender for your event


When you are hosting a party or any event, you will have many options to choose from for your party. You might think that you should hire a flair bartender for your event or think to do it yourself.

The choice is yours. But if you want to make your party more enjoyable, you should always hire a professional flair bartender. This is how you can make your party more enjoyable for your guests and you also.

Remember one thing; you are a guest at your party. You shouldn’t spend the whole night serving drinks to your guests. This is how you will lose all the fun and entertainment moments. But we don’t want you to lose your enjoying moments and help you to understand why you should hire a flair bartender for your event.

Why you should hire a flair bartender:-

Bartending is a skill, and one becomes a bartender when they acquire this skill. If you have bartending skills, you may think of serving the drinks yourself, though you shouldn’t. But, if you don’t have the skill of bartending, don’t spoil your beautiful event and disconsolate your guests. Rather, hire a mixologist who can amaze your guests with unique tricks.

  1. They will entertain your guests:-

When you are hiring a professional bartender, they know many tricks and steps to entertain your guests. That’s how the event or the party will become the most remarkable party for your guests.

Also, they are good at serving with many tricks. Those funny tricks will surely amaze your guests, and those moments will make you happier. In the end, everyone wants to make their party the most remarkable party ever. Isn’t it?

  1. You can enjoy the event:-

If you wouldn’t have hired a bartender, you have to take the responsibility to serve the drinks to your guests. In that case, you will only keep serving the whole night and can’t enjoy with your guests.

But, if you hire a professional bartender, he will manage everything, and you will enjoy the party as a guest. Don’t think that you are spending money to hire a bartender. Instead, you are investing the money to make your party more entertained and more enjoyable.

If Bartenders are flairing, when will they actually make drinks:-

This question usually occurs to your mind when you are going to host an event. There are many types of companies, each one of them have their own manage system, own way to serve to the guests.

Some companies show that their bartender can do everything from making a perfect drink to flaring. Though it doesn’t seem to be true, but, it can be. This types of company mostly outsource your event without knowing much about the bartender. You should never deal with this type company.

There are many companies that offers drink service before flaring. This is quite a noticeable service. If you find this type of service, you can accept it. Else, avoid those company who just outsource without even knowing how that bartender will perform in the event.

You can also hire two bartender for these two types of work. One will be flare bartender and other will be cocktail bartender who will be making drinks for the event.

How many bartenders should you hire:-

Usually, one bartender can manage up to 50-60 guests at an event. So, If you invited more guests than 60 people, you should hire two bartenders to serve them perfectly.

In that case, hire one flair bartender and another cocktail bartender. The flair bartender will show amazing tricks while serving the drinks, and the cocktail bartender will make the perfect drink that guests will love to have.


According to us, you should hire a bartender or two to make your party more entertaining and more enjoyable. As with others, you have the full rights to enjoy your party with your guests. So, don’t spoil your party just for some money.

Also, it’s not always about money. You have to choose the right and skillful  bartender who can serve the drink amazingly. Overall, it’s your responsibility to make your event the best event ever. In the end, you will surely enjoy it a lot.


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