3 Games With Monster Winning Potential


For most folks, online casino gaming is nothing more than a fun pastime; but it’s serious business for others. There are two types of casino goers — recreational players and high rollers.

The first type prefers to keep it casual; they usually set aside a small gambling budget and like low-risk, high reward games of chance. High rollers are more into games that require skill and offer favourable long-term winning odds.

Whichever category you fit into, you’ll find this piece quite helpful as we present three casino games with the best payout potential.


Keno has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular casino games. Why do so many players get hooked to keno, considering the fact that the game has an extremely high house edge? There are two main reasons for it.

To begin with, the game is easy to learn and play. There’s no skill involved whatsoever, and you don’t have to brainstorm advanced strategies to reduce the house edge, like in blackjack, baccarat, or some other table game. The drawing is based purely on luck, and no tactics can change that. This is a comforting thought for many recreational players.

The second, more important reason for keno’s immense popularity is the possibility to win big with a small investment. Of course, there is no guarantee of a massive payoff since the game has a sky-high house edge, but if Lady Luck is on your side, you could snatch a multi-million dollar jackpot. It’s like the lottery — you purchase a keno ticket online for a buck and sit back while the drum does the work. On the off chance that you win, it’ll probably be life-changing.

If you’re interested in learning more about keno, we recommend this educational real money keno guide; it’s written by Jayson Peter, who is an expert on all things related to online casino gaming.

Progressive Slots

Offering jaw-dropping jackpots worth millions of dollars, progressive slots are among the most sought-after casino games on the market nowadays. Although veteran players are aware that there are better games with a lower house edge, they are still drawn to progressives for obvious reasons — no other game can provide such a massive payout.

These games offer jackpots that grow every time someone makes a real-money wager and can accumulate into astronomical sums of money. Jackpots can be won at random or by playing a special bonus game.

When they first appeared, which was decades ago, progressive slots were fed only by bets made on specific machines and had payouts that rarely exceeded $10,000. Nowadays, jackpot slots are linked across multiple casinos and intertwined in massive networks. The chances of hitting the wide-area jackpot, as it’s called, are small, but the prizes can be life-altering.


Anyone who’s set foot on a casino floor or visited online casinos has come across blackjack tables. The game appeals to players of all ages and preferences, whether they’re hobby players or professional rollers.

One of the best aspects of blackjack is that it follows simple-to-understand rules. Unlike poker or some other skill-based casino game, blackjack is not complex, and it’s relatively easy to figure out an optimal strategy.

You’ll enjoy the game right off the bat, then develop more advanced tactics as you gain experience. Blackjack revolves around one basic rule — beating the dealer’s hand without going bust or going over 21. This is not rocket science, and if you look for blackjack guides, you’ll find plenty of tips on making decisions in certain situations.

When you master the game and learn how to play your cards right, blackjack can be a very lucrative casino game. If a player follows the perfect strategy, the house edge in blackjack can be reduced to as little as 0.28%.

This means that if you have the skills, regardless of whether you play the game online or in land-based casinos, your chances of winning at a blackjack table are much higher than most other games. Players keep coming back time and time again because blackjack gives them the most bang for their buck.


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