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European Vs American Roulette – What is the Difference?


You’d be forgiven for thinking that once you learn how to play a game of Roulette, you can play each variation thanks to a universal rule set.

This isn’t true, however, as the standard Roulette game has been tweaked depending on the version presented, with slightly different rules applicable. It’s important to know how to play whichever variant of Roulette you have decided to participate in, for the best chances of winning.

Far removed from the digital roulette games we see played at online gambling sites the modern roulette game has a chequered, yet, interesting history and dates back many years. Originating from Italy in a very basic form, and evolving over the years – specifically during the 1700s in France. Once an improved version of its original form, the game quickly became popular and spread across Europe and even the USA.

When Roulette landed in the US, excitement ensued. After all, is there any game more thrilling than watching and waiting for that Roulette wheel to spin? As the Americans embraced the game as it had arrived, Roulette in Europe continued to evolve and alter. That’s how we came to recognise two different versions: European Roulette and American Roulette.

The Basics

In an almost identical fashion to its European counterpart, American Roulette features the distinctive Roulette wheel. Players place bets on numbers, odds, evens or colours. However, there is a difference. While the European Roulette wheel showcases 37 possible slots that the ball can land on, the American Roulette wheel showcases 38. In US Roulette, there are in fact two zero values, whereas there is just one in the European game.

This is thanks to the Europeans adapting the original game – possibly to appeal to more players since there are better odds of winning – but the US version remains the same. Playing American Roulette is easy, though; simply place your bet, watch the wheel spin and await the whereabouts of the ball when it lands.

Know Your Roulette Jargon

It’s also important to familiarise yourself with common Roulette vocabulary to have a good understanding of the game. These are mostly related to bets; of which choosing one can in fact be the trickiest part of playing. Bets are divided between Outside and Inside Bets; Outside Bets represent odds, evens and colours, while Inside Bets are indicative of the individual numbers on the wheel.

Inside Bets have lesser odds than Outside Bets, so consider this when choosing your bet. This does, of course, result in greater payouts if you win on an Inside Bet. Most players tend to play a mix of the two bets, which tends to be a sensible way forward. So, let’s take an example: if you wanted to place a bet on all red numbers (an Outside Bet), simply place your chip in the square. All red numbers on the reel are covered, and if the ball lands on one, you’ll win a payout. A bet on black numbers, odd numbers and even numbers works in exactly the same way. Place an Inside Bet on a specific number; if the ball lands on that number, a payout is yours. Thanks to the smaller odds, this payout will be more substantial.







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