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What tools do you need to change a tyre?


It’s a disaster that many of us don’t bother to think about until it actually strikes. You’re driving along a busy road, when suddenly you sense that something is amiss.

The car seems to be handling erratically, dragging to one side. You pull over to inspect the damage, and find, to your horror, that you’ve got a puncture. You need to change the tyre.

If you’d done your homework prior to this incident, then you’d know how to deal with it. And yet many younger motorists lack the knowledge and ability to perform this simple operation. They have to rely instead on roadside assistance – which can be very costly.

So, what tools and equipment do you need to change a tyre? Let’s take a look.

The Spare Tyre

Of course, you’ll need a replacement tyre, which is usually stored in a special well in the boot. If you are in need of one, you can save money through buying your tyres online from reputable brands like Dunlop.

The Jack

Your jack is what will lift the car off the ground. It should be placed in the location indicated by the car’s manual. Make sure that you crank the jack a little bit before putting it into the appropriate location, and that all of your passengers are disembarked before you attempt to jack the car.

A Wheel Wrench

Removing the nuts off the wheel can be done with a specialised tool – or you can just use a wheel wrench. Bear in mind that most modern cars come with at least one locking nut, which will need to be removed using a special tool. Be prepared for a little bit of resistance if the wheel has been in place for a while.

Other handy items

Strictly speaking, you only need the above three items to get the job done. With that said, there are a few extra things that might make life more straightforward. Having a torch available is essential if you’re doing this at night – you don’t want to have to mess around with your phone. Similarly, you might want a tyre pump and a pressure gauge, as well as a reflective triangle to ward off other motorists who might otherwise not see you.


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