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How to Claim and Win Online Casino Bonus (2021)


In the world of gambling, the most skilled and experienced ones know how important it is to find good welcome offers and other deals and bonuses at the targeted online casino.

It is much easier to make a profit by playing online slots, or some other casino games, if you slow down, check all the offers from the casinos available in your country, and then calculate and pick the most suitable one. If you are in the UK, you should definitely check UK casinos online and find which ever suits you best, while we will focus on explaining everything you need to know about casino bonuses for starters, so you will be able to get an idea of what to look for and recognize good offers when you see them.

What is a Casino Bonus

Casinos all over the web are offering some incentives, especially for new players, to lure them and make them register on their site. After that, they are keeping them by offering other bonuses, for existing and faithful customers. Their goal is to make your stay and spend money by playing only at their online casino. But, with smart moves, and a bit of math, you can win and in this article, we will show you how.

How to Evaluate Casino Bonus

We will talk about casino bonus types in the next section of the article, but for understanding what exactly a casino bonus is and how to evaluate it, we will talk about the most common one – welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus is a type of bonus offered ONLY to new customers. So, if you agree to the terms and register to some online casino, there is almost a certain chance that the casino has a welcome bonus. Welcome bonus might be in the form of free spins for any, or some particular online slot, or, more often, as bonus money up based on the first deposit, up to some sum, for example, 100% matched deposit up to $200. Or, it can be even a combination of the two, which is usually the best offer.

But, you can’t evaluate the offer just by looking at those numbers. Although some offer which gives $300 bonus seems just way better than some other offer giving a $100 bonus, that might not be the case, and wagering requirements are your culprit.

Wagering requirements are always attached to bonuses and you will never see them on the landing page, or if you click on the ad shown to you. Therefore, you will need to read the info about it on the casino site itself. Online casinos must provide the information about their wagering requirements, but they usually they will not make it easy for you, so you will have to dig through the info section on their site to find out everything you need.

If wagering requirements are harder (you need to win/play more times to win the bonus), it is better to settle for a less attractive bonus offer, that has easier wagering requirements. Realistically speaking, you might fail to land the bigger bonus, so you get nothing out of it while landing a smaller bonus with easier wagering requirements earns you money.

Casino Bonus Types

There are lots of different offers out there, with different wagering requirements as well, so you need to know how they work to evaluate them properly. No deposit, deposit, and welcome bonuses usually go together, and these are the most common bonus offers you can find. No deposit bonus is the most desirable one, because it requires only the registration on the targeted online casino site, without depositing any money, which the name of the bonus suggests as well.

However, those bonuses have extremely hard wagering requirements and low bonus amounts, so we advise you not to hope that you will become a millionaire by claiming these bonuses. It is nice to try to win some cash by taking those offers, and test those casino games so you can decide if you want to play for your own money and how much you are willing to spend, but nothing more than that.

Apart from these bonuses, you can get extra spins, reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, high-roller bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and even birthday bonuses! Most of these other bonuses casinos give to long term customers, so if you are one of the players who isn’t a grasshopper that jumps to the next site only for claiming a welcome bonus and you like to stay and play at one casino that suits your needs, before choosing a long term partner you should check the bonuses they offer to the ones that plan to stay for a while.

Other Things You Need to Pay Attention To

We already mentioned that you need to dig through massive information to find out everything you need to know about casino bonus offers. Many “grasshoppers” know how to skim through the wall of text and find only the most important bits, which is wagering requirements. However, there might be many more traps and conditions you are not aware of, which can cause you in losing the bonus in the end!

One of the most common, but easily forgotten, is the maximum bet amount of a bonus. If the bonus you want to wager has this condition, any wagering a higher amount would label you as the bonus abuser and your bet will not count towards the requirements.

Also, pay attention to the maximum win of the bonus, because you won’t be able to withdraw even a cent over it. So, plan your play accordingly, don’t risk and overextend, because in that case, you might lose everything!

Another thing which is usually forgotten is the fact that even payment methods can affect bonuses! For example, you can have some fees attached to your withdrawal with the specific payment method, so you always need to check before choosing it. Also, if you want to just collect the winnings from welcome bonuses on various sites and go further, you should choose the payment method with the least withdrawal pending time. If you use wire, bank, cheques, or other similar options, your withdrawal times will be much higher than you would love.

If you are in a need of speed, use e-wallets predominantly, because they are the fastest in general.


Claiming a bonus at any online casino is a straightforward task, but winning it is an entirely different story. You need to pay attention to wagering requirements, avoid all traps that will be set for you and be a bit lucky as well, to succeed. However, the ones who say that casino bonuses can’t pay off are wrong. If you do everything we advised you to do in this article, you will have a great chance to clear wagering requirements at many sites and earn a significant amount of money, without taking huge risks.

No matter if you are a casual player or a high-roller, you will always be able to find the right bonus offer for you, you just need to recognize it and act swiftly upon accepting it.



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