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Ways to find a new community online when you’re stuck indoors


It is fair to say that 2020 has been an unusual year to date and continues to be so. It has meant many people are spending more time indoors than usual – either due to lockdown restrictions or the need to work from home.

While having more time at home is a great thing in many ways, it can present problems. One widespread issue many people face when stuck indoors is feeling isolated or alone. That is very bad for your mental health and it is therefore vital to do what you can to avoid the problem.

But what can you do to avoid social isolation when inside for long periods? Staying entertained with things like new music and podcasts can help, but it does not give you that interaction with other people which is essential. The secret to meeting new people is using the internet. Online tech brings the world to your room and has many ways you can find a new community to be part of if you have to be indoors.

But what are the best ways to go about it? Below we offer a few ideas for Warrington residents.

Online games

Gaming has become a mainstream hobby recently, with many people using it for relaxation. It is also the perfect way to kill time when indoors and have some fun. With the advent of online gaming, it is now also a brilliant way to find other people to engage with. Playing online multiplayer games through a mobile app or a PC/console will help you connect with other gamers digitally. You can forge new friendships online and build up a new gaming network.

Online casino games are also a great option. Bingo, in particular, can be a very social online game and many internet casinos offer it to users. Playing Bingo is an easy way to meet new people online who also enjoy the game and want to chat about the play. If you do decide to play casino games online, just remember to check out Gambling Metropolis first to find a site which offers the best bonuses.

Social media sites

Of course, social media sites are worth thinking about when finding an online community. Although you may think they are for catching up with people you know already, they are also excellent if you are looking for new people with whom to interact. In terms of finding a new community to become part of, the sheer number of people who use social media makes it a great choice.

Twitter has around 330 million users which means there are bound to be people on there who share your interests that you can get in touch with. Facebook Groups are also another easy way to find a new, like-minded community online and keep isolation at bay.

Virtual book clubs 

More and more people got back into reading during the lockdown, which makes virtual book clubs a great option. They allow you to combine your love for reading with the chance to connect with people online to discuss books. Many of these groups will meet via online video call/networking platforms, so you get to see and chat with people.

There are lots of online book clubs around now – a quick internet search should throw up a wide selection to think about joining. One of the best is Goodreads.com which has more than 65 million members. It allows you to form online groups to chat about books and also to list what you are reading so others can contact you about your choices.

Online forums

If you are looking for a community of people to engage with online forums are a great idea. There are millions of these online groups on the web and they cover pretty much every subject you can think of. If you have a favourite band, TV show or hobby, you can bet there is a forum on the internet that is devoted to it. Online forums are quick to join and usually free – when a member, you can chat with other members online and leave your forum posts.

Online tech keeps you connected to the world

Online technology is superb for helping you connect to the world from your home and to find a new community. It is valuable for vast numbers of people who might otherwise be confined indoors with no-one else to talk too. Finding a community online gives you people to laugh and chat with and also allows you to talk about how you feel to people you consider friends.



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