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7 Easy Tactics That Can Help Connect With Your Customers Better


Never has it been any easier to connect with your clients like in this day and age. You have modern technology at your disposal, and there are endless sources of inspiration you might get to get things going.

Engaging your customers at a personal level changes everything.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on conventional customer engagement tactics to push your products. Today, and thanks to advancements in communications technology, you have savvy customers who will not have anything to do with your business without your engagement. To help you out, below are seven tactics that could help you connect with your customers better.

1. Improve Your Business Communication Strategies

Business communication is the number one factor that could make or break your relationship with your most trusted customers. The thing is, you want your customers to feel appreciated and unique at all times. However, this doesn’t come easily. To earn your customer’s trust, you’ll need a prompt response to customer queries and a willingness to respond to issues in a way that expresses your authenticity.

You have customers who have access to mobile devices, and the best way to target your audience is via a direct and immediate delivery channel. What better way to do this than to utilize SMS marketing to reach your most loyal customers! As demonstrated by the folk at, using SMS is a more direct approach that’s not only cost-effective but one that could work with your other marketing strategies. Demographically, there are higher chances of your clients reading an SMS than they would an email.

So, what text message marketing benefits are? Here’s the answer:

  • It’s easy and simple.
  • It allows you to reach a broader audience base.
  • It’s designed for mobile devices.
  • It’s a flexible marketing strategy where your clients can opt-in and opt-out as they wish.
  • It provides your customers with a one of a kind experience where they can directly engage with your business through direct replies.

2. Personalize Your Business Operations

It’s time you turned things around and given your business a personal face. You need to do this because most business operations are automated, and there’s no personal approach to how things are handled. Rather than having a chatbot, why don’t you consider personalized customer service where website visitors will be dealing with real people? Having real people to communicate with your customers shows your business in a friendlier light.

3. Mind Your Customers Best Interest

This is a no brainer! No customer will approach a business where their interests are ignored. First and foremost, you need to show concern. This means attending to your customers at a personal level, whenever you can. And, there is plenty of opportunity for personalization, based on the data you already have. All you need is to provide solutions, and an effective customer care service team can do the rest.

4. Time Is Of The Essence

To connect with your customers, you need to be mindful of their time. Anyone running an online business should know this. Your website loading speeds should be reviewed regularly. Not so many people will be willing to stick around on a website that loads at chameleon speed. As mentioned, modern-day consumers are savvy, and it’s also important to say that they are too busy. This means that expedience is of the essence when dealing with modern-day consumers.

5. Introduce Loyalty Programs

It’s time you connected with your loyal customers with programs that will keep them hooked to your brand. Most customers will love freebies and loyalty programs, which help them save some money. These may include gift cards, point rewards, membership programs where customers redeem their point rewards or shopping vouchers.

6. Appreciate Your Customers

Customers are the backbone of every successful business. To show your appreciation, send your loyal customers gratitude emails and provide them with incentives that will go a long way to show that you care. Your loyalty acknowledgment can include Christmas cards, New year’s cards, or thank you notes.

7. Go Offline

Interacting with your clients on a personal level will not only help to build your credibility, but it will be a way to help you understand your customers better. Talking with your clients face-to-face will also provide you with an opportunity to learn your clients’ needs, and this way, you’ll be in a better position to improve your products and services.

As you can see, it doesn’t take too much to interact with your most loyal customers. Building a stable relationship with your clients has to come from deep within. This is not something you’ll be forced to do but an endeavor is worth your every effort.





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