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What Digital Services Are out There and What Content Do They Provide?


As society progresses forward, it certainly seems like everything’s moving online, be it games, films, music, or the simple task of shopping.

There looks to be no way of escaping the revolution, so it’s time to embrace the digital world for all it’s worth. Here are some of the best digital services out there for you to look through.

The first thing that springs to mind if someone mentions ‘digital services’ are providers of the likes of films and television, such as Netflix, or Amazon’s Prime Video service that constantly curate all manner of content to suit their subscriber base. Each one will have its exclusives such as Stranger Things for Netflix and motoring show The Grand Tour for Prime Video. Each platform also has its associated costs and library of content for users to choose from. With Netflix, for instance, producing over 2,500 hours of just original content last year, you won’t be short of anything to watch.

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Furthermore, when it comes to games, there are two routes to go down. For one thing, you can continue with your console, be it a PlayStation or Xbox, and subscribe to the respective service, such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Such services work on very similar principles to those used by Netflix and Prime Video with a vast catalogue of titles available at your fingertips. With Game Pass, for instance, there are over 100 titles available, as well as the ability to play online thanks to the inclusion of Xbox Live Gold. Microsoft is also delving into the world of cloud gaming with Game Pass. This is thanks to the ability to play games on your phone through the Project xCloud service that’s still currently in a beta stage.

It should be stressed that the ‘Pass’, or online retailer model, isn’t exclusive to console gamers and greatly extends to PC gamers too. Valve’s storefront Steam, as well as the Epic Games store, are two key frontrunners in the digital download sector for PC games, as discs look to become a thing of the past.

Steam has long been hailed as a pioneering service when it comes to distributing games and associated DLC, having been helping gamers along with various sales throughout the year. It’s really the ease of access to such services that has allowed them to become so prominent. Epic Games, makers of the smash-hit battle arena game Fortnite, look to be cementing themselves in a worthy second place.

The other route to go down in terms of games is to ditch your console or PC entirely and move to cloud gaming services like Google Stadia or Nvidia’s GeForce Now. These require no consoles or big hardware to use, and, in the case of Google Stadia, instead need a Chromecast and a compatible controller, as well as the Stadia app for your phone.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, there’s no doubt that the idea of cloud gaming is definitely growing in popularity and it might just be worth jumping on the associated bandwagon. One thing to note is that on some providers, you aren’t strictly limited to their game library. With services like GeForce Now from Nvidia, you have the ability to integrate your entire Steam library of games too. This means you can keep your progress from when you played games on PC when transferring to GeForce Now.

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There are, of course, other online services becoming readily available at your fingertips, such as online casinos. Over the last few years, the online casino industry has seen a monumental amount of growth in terms of scope and providers. Moreover, they’re also taking part in the digital revolution having followed in the footsteps of other providers such as Netflix when it comes to curating an online library of providers. If you click here, you’ll be taken to Online Casinos’ blog on the best online casinos out there – they’ve gone through and picked the best providers and put them in one handy guide to make life easier for potential customers. The guide discusses their welcome bonuses as well as the games available at each one.

It’s certainly clear that as time has passed a myriad of digital services have popped up, with all offering different kinds of content. However, even though they do provide different services, the core principle of convenience remains the same. The rise of the digital world has brought with it a focus on ease of access, and services like the ones listed above characterise the modern world perfectly.


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