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Make the most out of sports during lock down


Sports are a central figure in many of our lives. So it is nice that even in these crazy times to find the moment to enjoy them. We all deserve this type of rest and relaxation.

With a crazy political season, and growing public health concerns, sports become even more important. They are a way to bring the community together. They allow for friendly competition. And they keep our brains and bodies healthier.

However, they have also become more difficult to carry out. That is not to say impossible. We have some tips for making sports a more regular, and more exciting, part of your life. You can accomplish all this while respecting norms that will keep you and your loved safe during these trying times.

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Center Gratitude

It can be so easy to overwhelm ourselves with day to day worries. This often causes us to be focused on ourselves, our problems. We end up missing the rest of the picture.

However, focusing on what we have instead of our problems can be a real mental health boon.

That is the case generally, but how do we apply this to sports right now?

One way is to be grateful for the sports that we do have. While seasons may be shortened, and stadiums may not be at capacity, the fact that we can still see some games is a miracle. For sports lovers, this means putting your attention in the love for the game, rather than on the games that could not happen.

Another aspect of gratitude is for the sacrifices the athletes and the staff are willing to make. It is not easy to be in a sports bubble, semi-isolated. Plus many staff are working and potentially being exposed to the coronavirus. If we keep their situations in mind, it suddenly becomes much easier to be grateful for every football game we can watch!

Making it Social and Safe

Of course, it is easier to be grateful for sports when we can enjoy them with our loved ones as well. Of course, we would not want to put our loved ones, or their community, at risk. What we need is a balance between these two guiding principles.

One way to make it social and safe is to get in on a betting pool. This will give you a reason to chat with your friends, increase the friendly competition, and make sports more exciting. You can always invite them to join the same online betting sites. You can bet on the same games and discuss best bets.

Another strategy involves meeting up with friends to watch games. While bars may be more difficult or dangerous, we can make our own expanded bubble in our homes This means selecting a few friends to meet up with regularly. Keep this circle fixed and tight.

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This will keep you safe by limiting our number of contacts drastically. It will also keep you mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy.  We all need to see people with whom we relate. Because we care about them, we also want to keep them safe. Setting up a regular game-watching group is a great way to strike this balance.

Get Outside

Last but not least: get out and enjoy the fresh air! We cannot always rely on the sports games going off without a hitch. Many of them have been canceled or delayed. So we need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances.

One way is to play sports yourselves. As long as the weather is fine enough, you can go outside and play. So many sports allow us to be more than five feet away from the other athletes. Especially outside, this means we can be relatively safe!

Of course, playing indoors may also be a possibility. This will change depending on the local regulations and the policies at your local sport complex.

Between all of these strategies, you have plenty of ways to make the most out of sports, even during these trying times.


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