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Music That’s Perfect for Writing Inspiration


When it comes to writing, a lot of experts and rookies would do anything to gain inspiration: from visiting the lonely mountainside to writing in the nude – yes, Victor Hugo actually did this. There really is no limit to what writers will do to help themselves write.

However, there is one huge question that rests on the lips of every essay writer or novelist. What’s the best way to gain writing inspiration? For some professional essay writers or novelists, the answer is simple: music. Music has the amazing ability to tickle our memories and imaginations. With music, even sawdust can be transformed into gold dust.

However, not everyone can transform into J.K Rowling overnight just by listening to music while they write. For some writers, music can be an annoying distraction to a creative session.

If you do not fall into this category, here is a quick guide to finding the perfect music for writing inspiration and using it.

How to Find and Use Music That’s Perfect for Writing Inspiration

Are you a pro essay writer or novelist who’s looking for the best music for writing inspiration? It’s easy. Simply put together a playlist of random songs from your favourite genre. Then, look out for the following tips:

How Does the Song Make You Feel?

When it comes to music, different songs elicit different emotions in us. You could be feeling irritated by the lyrics of the song. The song could also evoke feelings of sadness or joy in you.

Whatever emotion you may be feeling, it’s important to focus on it and consider the mood the song puts you in.

Try writing a piece that successfully conveys all the emotions you may be feeling at the moment.

What Pops into Your Head When You Hear the Lyrics?

Admit it. Each time you hear Ciara’s “Level Up” come on the radio, the TikTok challenge immediately pops into your head and you imagine a group of women moving their hands dramatically.

This is usually the case with all songs. Even if you’re hearing a song for the first time, the lyrics will definitely elicit images in your head.

Maybe it reminds you of someone close to your heart. Or maybe it takes you back to a happy moment in your life.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to mine the memory and draw inspiration from it.

What Kind of Story Would Probably Suit the Song?

We all love to dream and let our imaginations run wild sometimes. So, let’s play a little imaginative game. Imagine that the story you’re about to write is going to be developed into a movie or series like Harry Potter.

Now, imagine that the song will be used as the soundtrack of the movie. What kind of story or plot will suit the song?

Try to imagine a particular scene or character, using the song as a backdrop. This way, you’d get inspired to write your story.

The Best Music to Listen to for Writing Inspiration

Now, it’s time to get to the centre of the pie: the best music for inspiration. Whether you love listening to strains of classical music while writing a horror movie or you prefer to bop to hip hop when writing a chick flick, there are tons of songs that would have you feeling like the Elvis Presley of the writing world.

So, what music is perfect for gaining writing inspiration? Let’s take a look at a few suggestions that some bestselling authors swear by.

George Friderick Handel

Now, even though we hate Captain Obvious situations as much as you do, classical music is one of the most popular genres for writers looking for inspiration. But why is it so popular? It’s simple.

Even though music helps to give inspiration, the lyrics can be a little distracting.

With classical music, writers can easily get the best of both worlds. They can get inspired without having to deal with the distraction that comes with song lyrics.

If you’re looking to join the throng of writers who listen to classical music while they write, you could start with George Friderick Handel.

This composer has pieces like Organ Concerto in D Minor, Op. 7, No. 4 to help get your creative juices flowing. Does the piece title sound too complicated? Ignore it. After the first few seconds, you’d find yourself tapping away at your keyboard faster than a cat chasing a laser light.


Sounds usual, doesn’t it? Who on earth listens to Metallica while they write? Well, Stephen King does. According to the Bestselling author, loud and intense music gets his creative juices flowing.

If you’re writing a thriller, heavy metal might be just what you need to shoot that writing project through the roof.

Explosions in the Sky

This American rock band has several songs that would give you the perfect blend of an upbeat tempo, and surprisingly, no distracting lyrics. Explosions in the Sky would have you bobbing your head as your ink flows from your pen.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Authors, Paul Shirley and Jeff Goins also swear by this rock band.

Lady’s Bridge by Richard Hawley

This album by Richard Hawley has songs that would put you in the right mood to write a bestselling novel. Be careful though, you just might get obsessed with Richard Hawley’s sound.

If you’re looking for a song that hangs between the balance of an upbeat tempo and a slow melody, then you could start with “Roll River Roll” from this album.

Bottom Line

If there’s one thing we have to admit, it’s the fact that on some days, writing can feel like you’re being led to the guillotine. However, with the right music, you’d find yourself easily besting Stephen King or Dean Koonzt. If you’re trying to write your college essay and you still don’t feel inspired, you could search for free essay writers online. Even though it may be hard to hire an essay writer free of errors for a little price, you could always get lucky. So good luck!


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