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The Different Ways to Buy and Sell Player Shares on Football Index


Do you have extensive knowledge of football? Are you so passionate and familiar with the sport that you can analytically predict different outcomes based on a few statistics?

If this sounds like you, take this opportunity to challenge yourself and turn your love for the beautiful game into winnings. Football Index is a special betting platform that allows users to “trade” player shares. But how exactly does it work?

On the Football Index platform, buyers exchange real money for players shares that are sold by sellers. A trade occurs when buy and sell orders match. Anything without a match is refunded or remains in users’ portfolios.

To begin your Football Index journey, you can sign up using an exclusive football index offer from Football Index Code, a third-party site that gives you a code to get £20 in credit when you make an initial £40 bet on player shares.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways to trade on the platform to help get you started.

Buy Order Option 1: Buy Now

Placing a Buy Now order is one of the ways to buy footballer shares on Football Index, especially for traders who want to purchase these shares at the best prices possible. The prices for Buy Now are computed based on the average price of the lowest 900 shares made by other users through Offers. Each user can place a Buy Order of up to 300 shares for a single Buy Now order. Depending on how quickly you place and confirm your Buy Now orders, there are two possible results when you choose to buy player shares this way.

All the shares you ordered can be an instant match to your requested price and will be added to your portfolio. On the other hand, your order may only come up as a partial instant match. This is because other users may confirm or cancel their orders before you do, thus affecting the number of shares you can purchase. The matched shares will be added to your portfolio, and you will be refunded the value for the remaining shares that did not match your requested price.    

Buy Order Option 2: Placing a Bid

This is another type of Buy Order where users can set their own prices instead of going by the established prices of Buy Now orders. You place a Bid by choosing the number of footballer shares you want and setting a price for them. Similar to the Buy Now order, Traders may purchase up to 300 shares in a single Bid and can place a maximum of 10 Bids per footballer at a time. Always make sure to place your Bids within the Bid Zone price range, which cannot exceed £100 (the Bid Zone Ceiling). You can also take note of each player’s Bid Zone Floor so your bids will have a higher chance of being matched.

Bids do not expire and will remain active until they are matched or cancelled. If your strategy works, your Bid will either perfectly or partially match Offers that are made. If none of the shares in your Bid match the offers, you can wait until a match is made or cancel your Bid to have your money refunded.

Sell Order Option 1: Instant Sell

 Cash out your bet on a football player by selling your shares on Football Index. If you want to sell your shares quickly, the Instant Sell option allows you to instantly or partially match your shares to Bid orders that other traders place. Players will have an Instant Sell price that is based on the average price of the highest 300 shares available through Bids by traders. It helps to be eagle-eyed to spot the prices at which you can sell at a profit.

As the seller, you decide the number of shares in your Sell Order.You can place a Sell Order of a maximum of 300 shares for every Instant Sell order. There are two possible results when you do an Instant Sell order. An instant match means that you will be able to sell all your shares in the Sell Order at the price you wanted. A partial match, on the other hand, means that you will only get to sell some of the shares in your order while the rest of the shares will stay in your portfolio. A partial match happens when a certain number of shares become unavailable at your requested price because other users have already made matches before you did. Take note that Football Index will also charge a 2% commission for every share matched.. 

Sell Order Option 2: Placing an Offer 

If you prefer to set your own price for shares, you can place an Offer instead. Keep in mind that the price you set has to be within the Offer Zone. It cannot be more than 50p above the Buy Now price (the Offer Zone Ceiling), and it cannot be lower than 1p below the Buy Now price (the Offer Zone Floor). You can place up to 3 Offers consisting of 300 shares each per Offer per footballer at a time.

After you place an Offer, it is possible that an instant or partial match will occur with Buy orders. You will be compensated for all or some of the shares that have matched, and you will also be charged a 2% commission by Football Index for each matched share. Unmatched shares left in the wake of a partial match will remain active until they are matched or cancelled.

Use your knowledge of football to trade on the Football stock market today. Sign up to Football Index using a referral code, and start buying and selling shares.


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