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Live Casino Games with the Best RTP


There could be a few factors that players consider when it comes to the casino games that they play.

However, if you ask gamblers, they will probably tell you that they would play any casino game as long as it’s something that they could have fun with. But there could be gamblers who are looking for something more, like potentially profiting from playing.

Now, is it possible to profit from casino gaming? A direct answer is yes. However, this means that you should take casino gaming seriously and you should also be careful with your moves and decisions during the game. Just know that the best live casino games to play for-profits do exist.

If you’re after earning more money from online casino gaming, there are a few strategic things that you can do like looking for an online casino with great promos and bonuses. There is one thing, however, that greatly affects your chances of profiting from gambling online. This is the game that you will play.

If you’re after profiting from online casino gaming, then you should go after casino games with the best Return to Player or RTP.

The RTP is the percentage measurement of the stakes that a game could return to its players. It is generally an accepted guide to how a game is likely to perform or how much it could give you in the long run of playing it. Typically, casino games offered by popular and reputable casinos would range between 94 to 99 percent.

Now, how do you know what the RTP is of a casino game? It’s really hard to tell unless a software developer or casino operator decided to have it published. Otherwise, you will have to keep track of the payouts that games would give to players, and this takes time.

Well, you don’t need to worry as we’re here to give you an idea of the games you could play that have high or best RTP.  Here are casino games that you can play with high RTPs.

  • Live Roulette – the base RTP for a game of live roulette is around 97 percent. That is for one of the outside bets like odd/even. This is a game of guessing and a game of chance. It’s hard to predict and so if you win, it could very well be worth it.
  • Slot Machines – the RTP of slot machine games could range from 97 to 99 percent. It’s a game of chance. It heavily relies on your luck.
  • Blackjack – this popular table game has an RTP of 99.54 percent on average. This doesn’t just rely on your luck. You also need great skills to win against a dealer or other players.
  • Baccarat – the theoretical RTP for live Baccarat is 98.94%. This game both relies on your luck and skills.

Here are some of the titles with the highest RTPs that you should look for.

  • Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming (99.51%)
  • First Person Blackjack by Evolution Gaming (99.21%)
  • Hand Casino Hold’em also by Evolution Gaming (99.18%)
  • Prestige Mini, Mini and Grand Baccarat Live by Playtech (98.94%)
  • Golden Baccarat Live by Playtech (98.77%)
  • Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Gaming (98.76%)
  • Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming (98.45%)
  • Live Spin a Win by Playtech (97.22%)
  • Monopoly Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming (96.23%)
  • Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming (94 to 96%)
  • Live Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming (95.40%)

Those are some of the titles that could be worth your time if you’re really after profiting. What’s important is that you also know how you can play these games. For table games like Blackjack and Poker, you need to be able to develop a strategy to make sure that you get more wins. For those games, you have to win against other players or live dealers to be able to score a good amount of money.

There are also slot machine games that you can play with high payouts. Usually, these are the progressive slot machine games. Just know that playing on a slot machine is participating in a game of chance. It’s not skill-based and for most of progressive slot machine game varieties, it’s just really all about your luck.

You can easily look for those titles online. Most of these are available to play at multiple casinos. Based on this list, Evolution Gaming seems to be the leading casino software provider with games that have high RTPs. Luckily, many casinos carry games from this developer and software provider.




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