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How to build a healthy work relationship with your employees


In the modern world, the relationship between an employer and their employees has never been closer thanks to changing attitudes in the workplace.

Long gone are the days when a boss was a distant figure to be feared and respected, now if you want to be a good boss and get on with your employees to help drive productivity, you need to be able to engage with them with a human touch and must put their needs before those of the company. Positivity is key in all walks of life, and having strong relationships in business can foster a ‘can-do’ atmosphere which can lead to increased growth and bonds of trust that can be hard to shake. Maybe you are just setting out to form your own company, or you have been an employer for years, no matter what your situation a healthy relationship with your employees is important, so read on to find out how to build the most healthy relationship possible.


Possibly the most important part of any relationship is communication and this is entirely the case with a business relationship. If you have an open and honest two-way communication system, then both parties will feel comfortable because if there are any grievances then they can be shared in an amicable fashion. This doesn’t just extend to negative issues, it should be the way that your whole business is conducted because the more that your employees talk to each other the more they will bounce ideas off each other, which will lead to increased innovation and productivity that will drive up profits.


If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, then it is essential that you reward them not only with a salary that reflects their ability and worth, but also with a benefits package that ensures that they are happy outside of the workplace. This is especially important if you have younger employees who are just finding their feet or employees with young children because employee benefits such as medical or dental cover, or extra help with eye care can make a huge difference to their lives. It may not cost a fortune for your company to pay these benefits, and they can be a part of the overall salary package, but just the idea that you really care about your employees will make them work for you that bit harder, which in the long run will help the company to grow and thrive.

Give autonomy

If you are an overbearing boss that micromanages at every level, then you are not going to get very far in business. No single person can ever hope to do everything in a company so it is important as a business owner to learn when to delegate and when to give your employees autonomy to make decisions for themselves. You have hired managers for a reason, so give them the parameters that they are expected to work within and then let them get on with their role of managing. Similarly, if your employees understand what is expected of them and are then left to get on with the task at hand, they are going to be much more productive than when they have a pair of eyes constantly peering over their shoulder telling them what to do. Learning to give autonomy to your employees will open your eyes to another way of being a boss, and it can be highly effective.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

If you truly want a healthy relationship with your employees, then it is crucial that you put yourself in their shoes to understand what working for you is really like. If you have employees working 12-hour days and yet you are leaving the office at 5pm every day then you are not going to foster a very happy working attitude. Always think as if you were the employee and how you would like to be treated and then flip this around and treat your employees exactly like that. Be yourself too, no one wants a fake boss, they want to see your personality and want to feel part of your business, and if you allow them to feel valued they will work much harder for you helping to create a successful business.

As we have learned there are several important things you must implement if you want to have a great relationship with your employees. Communication is key if you want to get along harmoniously and autonomy allows employees to feel as if they are valued. Employee compensation and benefits are often important for the lower paid and can make a huge difference to their morale, and most of all, put yourself in their shoes so you can ensure that every single day that they come to work, it is with a smile on their face, which will help to drive the business forward.






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