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How to protect schoolchildren and students from racial discrimination


Racial discrimination is one of the biggest concerns that society faces every day. History has many examples of racism practiced by different nations to suppress people that differ from others in the colour of their skin.

Modern society attempts to reduce such hostility by appealing to understanding that each person has equal rights. People encourage to help those with unique features of their race. Despite numerous measures taken to resolve this problem, society still struggles with racism in various spheres, including education.

Racial discrimination in schools

Children are the future of society, and their behaviour forms the standards which will be maintained by the whole generation. You probably faced racial discrimination in school or college because multiculturalism can be confusing for kids. Racism in the place where children should broaden their horizons does not allow them to develop kind attitudes to other communities. Bullying based on race interferes with studying because students feel stressed and cannot stay focused on the subject. Such people cannot get a proper education because they think about ways to avoid humiliation. You may know cases when students start to hate college and school because of racism.

Professors fight against racism

Various facilities ensure international students that they will have diverse opportunities and respectful attitude while learning in foreign countries. Students may avoid communication with people of another race or bully them directly. If you study in a progressive college or university, your professors definitely discuss racial discrimination during the classes. They usually ask you to write an essay on racial profiling similar to the ones on the website https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/racial-profiling/. Here you should write unique content on about the history of racism and cover different sides of racial discrimination. Also, the professors often ask to provide examples of racial discrimination from your own life.

Foreign students need support

Racism in colleges and universities is a widespread phenomenon because educational institutions promote diversity. Students from different countries aim to study abroad due to the lower prices or better quality of education. They need support from professors and other students. Foreign students often do not know traditions and rules of foreign countries. If their peers and educators help them to become more knowledgeable, they will feel comfortable. Unfortunately, instead of support, foreign students face bullying and often conflict with peers who ridicule their habits and beliefs. They need protection from professors and students who do not practice racial discrimination.

Defense mechanisms that help to void racism

That is why the professors and teachers in at university or college should explain which defence mechanisms the students and parents of diverse nationalities can use to escape racial discrimination. The first mechanism is in discussing the positive features of different racial groups. It will help students to form a more positive image of other ethnic groups and easily communicate with them. The second mechanism is to encourage kids in schools to make friends with children of other races. Such a proposition guarantees that children will grow without stereotypes about different nationalities. The last mechanism is in explaining the negative effects of racism and appeal to empathy and compassion.

Racial discrimination is an old problem that should be resolved in colleges and universities. Parents, teachers, and professors should teach children and students that people of diverse nationalities are similar. Professors should encourage the writing of a paper about the negative aspects of racial discrimination. They should also prohibit any plagiarism because the students have to think about the topic by themselves. The students will work on the essays as real writers who provide sound arguments against racism. They can even create new defense mechanisms and methods to struggle against racially-biased politics.


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