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How Knowing the Local Language Improves Digital Marketing Success


The success of digital marketing lies in its capacity to penetrate the online community to increase a company’s sales, popularity, and brand image. 

It has already become such a huge deal that companies put a lot of time and money into their digital campaigns.

The effort escalates more when it involves international marketing because there is a need to fill in the gap of the differences in culture, market, and especially language. Thus, it helps to know why it is important for digital marketing to know the local language for the sake of ensuring success.

Better Communication with Clients and Partners

Language is a very important part of communication, especially in the world of business. There is no other way to convey a message to partners, clients, and even customers as you are building a professional relationship with them. Thus, in entering a new market where the local language is different from the native tongue of the business, the business must adapt. Having a team that has mastery in the local language gives a lot of opportunities to facilitate better communications with business partners and clients. This is crucial since no matter how good an interpreter or language expert is, some messages get lost in translation. Establishing a foreign branch would require a company to include locals in the company as consultants and important key players, not just communication support. These team members can help the company get in touch with the roots of the place, their culture, and their language.

Creating Relatable Content

Digital content involves heavy use of the online platform to promote products and the brand image. This means you have to put a lot of content that the local people can see. Most of the time, what works in the main branch does not work in the foreign branch. There are a lot of barriers, and there is also a different context. What is trendy is one country is not the same as others. No matter how successful a campaign is back at the home base, if people in the locality cannot relate to it, it won’t fly.

The creation of online content for digital marketing requires research and a deeper understanding of the buying behavior of the new market you are trying to penetrate. First, people will not understand any of your marketing output if they are not in the local language. It will not be the same as using the vernacular, which they can richly relate to. Creatively using the local language to come up with fresh ideas in the advertisement, posters, and other media helps attract the right customers.

Finding Potential Customers

It is through marketing that you talk about potential customers in buying your products. The only way you can effectively talk to them is by using the local language they know well. In internationalizing your company, you make a local version of it so you can find and establish potential customers. Since this is the biggest roadblock of companies in building international brands, marketing teams should be able to find the right solution. Looking for potential partners that will help the company get introduced to the locality can of great help, especially in countries where English is not widely used. Most of these areas are outside of the US and the Uk, thus finding a digital agency in Asia where most countries have different languages can help a company successfully gain patrons and followers. There is even excitement in big international brands getting introduced in the local scene because people get to enjoy the product in their context. Local agencies can help with marketing the product more efficiently, package it appropriately, and translate the language to that of the locals.

Better Study of the Competition

Not a lot of people will tell you, but there is great importance in studying a competitor. They give a lot of insights into the industry, which gives way to benchmarking that can help you develop and improve. In every country you want to establish, you may face similar competitors, but an abundance of them are local brands. Knowing the local language can help you understand the competition more since you are also using their language. This way, you can respond better to any situation and adjust your strategy to get ahead from your rivals. This is one reason why you partner up with a local agency that can guide you as you are planning to establish in a new location. You would need plenty of research in terms of their culture, market trends, and current competition. Constantly knowing where you stand can help measure your improvement as a company. If you can surpass other brands in terms of sales, popularity, and branding, it means you are doing well. If not, you have to make an important decision to change or up your efforts. Look into what others are doing and you can either emulate or come up with a better marketing solution.

Understanding of the Local Culture and Market

In every part of the world, people exhibit different and unique buying behaviors. This is impacted by their cultural, political, and most especially by their economic situation. These factors affect the market, and you have to make the necessary products that will respond to these differences.  For example, special holidays in one country can affect sales because people tend to spend more and buy products. There are also places in the world that restrict or require a modified product to incorporate signature trends. Knowing the local language can help you understand what your market needs and what it is looking for. It will also help you avoid issues and controversies from failing to get acclimated with the societal and political climate.

Improving your company’s digital marketing by knowing the language of the area you want to enter will open up a lot of opportunities. It will give you a lot of insight in terms of their trends, demands, and even competition. It will also provide more answers on how you can devise a particular marketing strategy that will work.


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