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Can Kratom Help Your Sex Drive?


Are you finding a natural way to enhance your sex drive? Have you ever heard about kratom improving sex drive? If yes, you are in the right place.

Kratom is a versatile supplement that has many uses for the human body and mind. It works like opioids and relieves pain, stress, and anxiety. But how does kratom help your sex drive? You can get kratom at https://www.authentickratom.com/ to enhance your sex drive. So, let’s learn how kratom improves sex drive?

Introduction to Kratom

What are the properties and ingredients of kratom that enhance sex drive? It is a question that arises in everyone’s mind.

The main ingredients of kratom are:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine

So, do these two ingredients enhance your sex drive? Or other alkaloids in kratom are good for this purpose. We’ll talk about all this but before that, let’s learn the basics of kratom.

Basics of Kratom

Kratom grows in Southeast Asia. The common countries where it grows are Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The primary purpose of kratom is relieving pain and stress. Other effects have been discovered as the use of kratom has increased with time.

Kratom and Sex Drive

The real question is, “Does kratom enhance your sex drive”? For some people, it works as a sex drive enhancer. But some people complain that it doesn’t work for them.

If you are lucky enough, kratom might work for you to enhance your sex drive. But there are a few side effects to this too.

There are no scientific studies on kratom as a sex drive enhancer. But there is enough data about it to learn if it will work for sex drive or not. So, let’s find out how it works for sex drive, and what are the side effects?

How Does Kratom Work for Sex Drive?

Both genders can use kratom to enhance their sex drive. It increases your time and energy. This way, you get better at what you do.

Kratom has energizing properties in it. In some strains, even a low dosage can increase your energy. Increases energy can enhance your sex drive.

Here’s the thing:

When your body is tired and it has no energy, it won’t be able to function better. But when you are full of energy, you will do every task better including sexual activities. So, this is one way that kratom enhances your sex drive.

Kratom reduces pain from muscles. This way, it can help you with proper erection.

Another way of increasing sex drive is reducing anxiety. Kratom is famous for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Many people feel anxious before having sex. It leads to poor performance. To tackle that, kratom is a great natural substance.

Reduced anxiety also leads to more confidence. More confident people can do every task efficiently. So, kratom reduces anxiety and improves your sex drive.

Many kratom strains make you feel excited. Excitement is also good for sexual performance. The more excited you are, the better you can perform.

The sedative and analgesic effects of kratom lead to a reduced sensitivity of sex organs. It means that if you take kratom, it will sedate you to the extent that your timing will increase. Many people have experienced this effect of kratom including both genders. So, if you want to increase your timing, you can use kratom.

Some people have also experienced intense orgasms after using kratom.

Side Effects of Using Kratom For Sex Drive

There are both good and bad in using kratom for increased sex drive. If you want to avoid these side effects, you should not use kratom too often. Moreover, switching between the different kratom strains can also prevent many side effects.

The following are the common side effects of kratom for sex drive:

  • At first, when you use kratom to increase your time, everything is fine. But as time passes and you keep using it, your timing becomes too much. It leads to having a hard time finishing. Some people can even last for 30-40 minutes after using kratom. This is not ideal because you might get tired and irritated.
  • As you keep using kratom to enhance your sex drive, the sedation effect can be harmful. It can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Proper Way to Use Kratom

If you want to experience enhanced sexual drive using kratom, you should use it properly. But what is the proper way to use kratom?

There are many methods of using kratom. You can swallow it, add it in food or drinks, make coffee from it, etc. But which method is best for enhanced sex drive?

Best Method for Kratom Consumption

The toss and wash method is the most common method to ingest kratom. You can take kratom 45 minutes before having sex. For the toss and wash method, take the desired dosage of kratom powder and put it on your tongue. Swallow it by using water. This method might not be suitable for you if you find the taste of kratom bitter.

Best Kratom Strain for Sex Drive

Now, a question arises, “Which strain is best for enhanced sex drive”?

Green vein kratom strains are best for enhanced sex drive. But why?

Here’s the thing:

Green vein kratom is a combination of both white and red vein kratom. So, you will get all the effects that you need for enhanced sex drive.

In green vein kratom, green Hulu Kapuas is good for sex drive.


Are you going to try kratom to improve your sex drive? You shouldn’t use it every day if you want to avoid experiencing the side effects.

Green kratom strains are best if you want to improve your sex drive. You can consume it in any way but the toss and wash method is the best method.

Both genders can increase their timing and sexual performance by using kratom. However, if you use the same strain every time, your body might get immune to it. So, try to use different strains every time you use kratom.



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