What Is the Future of Land-Based Casinos?


Brick and mortar casinos have been through turbulent times throughout history since they first popped up in the seventeenth century. With regulations continually shifting in and against their favour, the industry has had to evolve to become the grand niche it is today. Today, a lot of gambling focus is centred on the online platform where players can access numerous games on sites with free casino games no download. Nonetheless, the land-based platform continues to grow and carve out new paths for itself to deliver the gambling entertainment it has offered for centuries and much more to draw in an even bigger audience. To understand where the future of the location-based gambling destination is headed, it is essential to look at features that make the industry what it is today to see what trends will likely shape it.

Disruption by Technological Advancement

Up until the 20th century, casinos fell under the control of a few giant companies and were only accessible in a few locations around the world. The invention of the internet in the 20th century and its gain of traction in the 21st went on to prove that not even a well-established industry as that of gambling was immune to the revolution that was to come. Today, gamers from virtually any location globally with access to the internet are spoilt for choice when it comes to gambling options. The web grants access to about any casino game one can think, including slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and video poker. Online casinos bring the fabulous Sin City and everything it has to offer right to gadgets like smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

The land-based gambling industry was not quick to adapt to the new changes that completely redefined how gamblers consumed casino games. The niche came with fierce competition thanks to upsides on numerous fronts, such as:

  • Gambling clubs came to the player rather than the player seeking the establishments

  • Accessibility of free games that required no cash bets alongside real money version

  • Wide betting limits that started as low as a few pennies to as high as several hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Wide choice range of games that were not limited to casino floor space

The changing dynamic of gambling entertainment was a severe blow to the brick and mortar industry, especially since it reached stratospheric success in a short period. An even bigger hit was delivered in the mid-2000s with the entry of live gambling. The games under this banner allowed punters to experience real-life gaming by streaming sessions live from land-based studios to the comfort of their devices.

Land-based casinos faced such a sharp decline in popularity that had many experts questioning whether they would survive the next decade. More and more people turned to web gambling platforms exclusively or primarily, which pushed the idea that there may not be a future for the sector.

Current and Future Stand

Even though the future of land-based gaming looked bleak when online casinos were first introduced, gambling fanatics will be pleased to discover that the niche is not going anywhere. Even with the astonishing pace at which web casinos have grown, the decline previously faced by brick and mortar casinos appears to be reversing. Rather than die off like other industries that were affected by the technological advancements brought by the internet, location-based gambling chooses to innovate and adapt.

The new approaches to service provision that lead to the growth of land-based gambling come from an unlikely source of salvation – technology. Even though it is the very thing that caused such a significant shakeup that the industry nearly collapsed, tech advancements have tuned out also to be the saving grace for it. Most casino operators now choose to harness the power of online technology to not only survive but also create new ways to entertain players. Some of the ways in which the industry is putting technology to use are:

  • Online casinos

One of the ways major gambling corporations have harnessed technological power and adapted to the changes it brings is opening online casinos. There is no denying that the internet comes with the potential of attracting clients in the millions, which is far from what location-based dens can offer. Therefore, some gaming clubs have launched online versions with big bonus slots compared to their land-based casinos to exploit the global market. By investing in tech, they can recover a lot of the revenue lost when their physical locations suffer from the loss of clients, which keeps them afloat for longer. In most cases, their online portfolios offer a much more extensive range than what is featured on their casino floors. Nonetheless, these gaming sites serve as marketing tools for the brick and mortar dens that draw in clients wanting to enjoy authentic, real-life gaming.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has yet to get a big break in mainstream gaming, but it is predicted as the next evolutionary step for the niche. VR tech differs from anything else gamblers have access now since it fully immerses the user into a virtual world crafted from images and animations sewn together. Some land-based casinos see this emerging technology as a key to attract gamblers who access gambling fun exclusively online. With virtual reality, players can immerse themselves into the establishments without leaving the comfort of their home. An even more significant upside is that they would be enjoying their favourite games from an actual brick and mortar setting complete with human dealers and players. The experience can be pushed even further, for instance, by taking a virtual walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip or watch resident stars perform.

  • Experience generation

Land-based casinos are also embracing digital platforms as marketing tools, which is allowing them to break into the new generations that grew up on the internet. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are pushing the experience economy where they value experiences over material things. Offline casinos are taking this opportunity to transform into more akin fashionable resorts that offer more than gambling. Gamblers can now enjoy anything from fine dining to shopping in these establishments, and in the future, it is expected that most of them will catch up with the trend.

In Brief

Online and location-based gambling are two different beasts, even though the former commands more popularity than the latter. However, online casinos are far from replacing the unique atmosphere of land-based casinos. With the changes being made in the brick and mortar industry, more gamblers will learn to embrace the best of both worlds along with the differences they have to offer.


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