Max Polyakov: A Philanthropic Entrepreneur


Space technology and IT is a competitive space that boasts of some of the best brains in the world. The list of those who have prospered and continue to dominate this industry is endless.

Ukraine is one of the countries with some of the most successful people who have cut a niche for themselves in the IT sector. One such person is Max Polyakov, an IT and international space technology entrepreneur, economist, community leader, and philanthropist.

Who is Max Polyakov?

The subject of the Noosphere is incomplete without mentioning Max Polyakov. He is a firm believer in this theory. According to the theory, the human mind and knowledge are the most valuable resources and the main driving force for any form of development. This belief has shaped his career path, investments, and community interaction. He is a Ph.D. graduate in International Economics and a prolific writer who has authored and contributed to over 20 scientific papers on several topics.

Max is an accomplished entrepreneur in the area of technology, with an interest in IT and space technology. He has founded many companies, including EOS DA, Firefly Aerospace, SETS, Maxpay, and Renatus, among others. He is also a managing partner at the Noosphere Ventures Investment Fund, which invests in the companies within the space ecosystem.

Entrepreneurial Success

Max Polyakov began his entrepreneurial journey with the opening of the IT-Ukraine in 2001. It was one of the first IT outsourcing companies in Southeast Ukraine and created software for European and US markets. The success of IT-Ukraine provided a platform for Max to co-found startups, including Easydate, Hit Dynamics, and Maxymiser. These startups were an instant success in the online world.

When Hitwise (US company) bought Hit Dynamics, Max was appointed the VP of the Hitwise. Max has developed Cupid PLC (Easydate) into one of the leading dating sites in the world, including its listing on the London stock exchange. Today, the company has over 50 million subscribers. Through his leadership and innovation, Max developed Renatus Media into a leading publishing company for Google Play, Apple App Store, Facebook, and Amazon App Store.

Footprints in the Space Ecosystem

Max became a partner at Noosphere Ventures and Partners in 2014. It was here that he helped found EOSDA, which joined the International Astronautical Federation in 2017. Noosphere also purchased Firefly Aerospace (FA) in 2017. FA is now one of the leading companies in the manufacture of small satellite launch vehicles. FA was selected for a special mission into orbit by the US Air Force.

CSR Activities

Max has founded and sponsored several philanthropic activities in Ukraine and beyond. He is involved in mentorship programs for young people with interest in the field of science and technology. Max has his footprints in the Noosphere Engineering School and offers grants to engineering startups around the world. Max also helped found the Association Noosphere, which hosts festivals and events to promote interest in engineering, science, and technology.



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