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How can you make your car insurance cheaper? 


We’re all searching for ways to keep the cost of living down, and the running costs of our car are no different.

Whether it’s keeping tabs on where is cheapest to fill up or looking to make our car insurance cheaper, every penny counts.

If you’re struggling for more ways to get your insurance premium down, you’re in luck! You don’t just have to shop around each year to guarantee the best price. There are in fact, a number of other things you can do to keep your monthly (or yearly) insurance cost down.

Get yourself a dashcam

Not only will your dashcam record if anything happens to you while you’re on the road, you’re also more likely to drive carefully yourself when you know you’re being recorded – ultimately leading to less accidents.

Should you ever get into an accident, a dashcam also makes it easier for your insurer to know who was involved and who was at fault. This is especially helpful if the accident is not your fault, but the other party is claiming it isn’t theirs either.

Have a black box installed

Black box policies are also another great way to save on your car insurance. As part of this policy your insurance provider will install a small device in your car, or will require you to install an app on your phone that monitors your driving. This both encourages safer driving and also helps should your car ever get stolen.

Often, your insurer will note your driving habits and adjust your premium regularly based on the quality of your driving and also the times that you drive.

Take a defensive driving course

There are certain driving courses you can take above and beyond your standard driving test, that will help reduce your premium. Sometimes companies will provide discounts for those who complete an approved defensive driving course. Make sure you speak to your insurance company before you book onto a course – this is because in some instances the expense of the course outweighs the insurance savings! However, courses like this are well worth looking into.

Improve your credit rating

You may be surprised to know that your credit rating affects your insurance premium! Many insurers use credit-based scores. Often stated in their studies, but insurers say that if you show you’re responsible in your personal life, you’re less likely to file a claim.

Don’t pay through the nose for your car insurance. There are a number of ways for you to keep the premium down; so, whether you get yourself a gap insurance policy to ensure you’re covered for the full purchase cost, or a regular insurance policy, by following these steps, you’ll be saving as many pennies as you can before you know it.



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