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Five reasons to choose Swanage as your next UK holiday destination


Located on the south coast of the UK, Swanage is a small seaside town that features plenty of natural wonders.

While most tourists visit the town for its spectacular coast, it’s worth noting that it boasts several other attractions that make it an excellent choice for your next holiday destination.

Whether you want to relax on its long stretch of beaches, relish the outdoors or go on a shopping spree, Swanage surely has enough to keep you busy over the weekend. You’ll always find something fun to do, especially if your kids and pets tag along. Keep reading to learn more about the fascinating town of Swanage.

1) Idyllic scenery

One of the first things that will capture your attention is the idyllic scenery in and around Swanage. Swanage is nestled on the Isle of Purbeck, which, despite its name, is actually a peninsula. You’d find yourself envying the locals as they wake up to such mesmerising surroundings with its towering rock formations, rolling green hills and beautiful bay.

2) Shopping galore

Most tourists visit Swanage to witness its natural attractions, but the town offers so much more than beaches and cliffs. According to Swanage News, tourism is the biggest industry in Swanage and local businesses capitalise on the thousands of tourists visiting their little town each year by selling souvenirs, jewellery and everything in between. If you want to take a break from the outdoor adventures, take some time to visit the shops in town. You’ll find ethnic clothing, second-hand records and locally-made handicrafts.

3) Corfe Castle

Who doesn’t want to visit a real-life castle? Set on a hill on the Isle of Purbeck, the ruins of Corfe Castle is an impressive sight. Corfe Castle village also has superb dining options, a coup;e of gift shops and an art gallery.

4) Weymouth

Want something a little busier? Then head on to the town of Weymouth, which is only 30 miles away from Swanage. It’s also a seaside town, but it gives off a different kind of vibe. Just like Swanage, you’ll find yourself busy with all the things you can do and places to see.

5) Swanage Railway

Many people haven’t seen a steam train before. If that’s you, now could be your chance to see and even ride one. Swanage Railway holds multiple events, and the journey is a memorable and fascinating one. You can even get the chance to try out being a steam train driver.

Swanage offers a refreshing escape from the usual noise of the city. This is why even UK residents spend weekend getaways in this seaside town. If you want something more relaxed and peaceful for your next holiday, put Swanage on top of your list.



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