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Is Cashback Possible in Gambling?


Cashback is a rather popular promotion and millions of users worldwide benefit from it on a regular basis.

Some use debit and credit cards to return a certain percentage of their purchases, others – expect a financial return on casino losses.

For example, when using the Discover it Cash Back card customers can get a 5% cashback at gas stations or return 20% of the money they have lost when playing roulette or blackjack. Actually, cashback bonus is becoming extremely popular, so more and more online casinos offer it along or even instead of the welcome bonus. You’ll probably agree: knowing that online casino with cashback bonus will get your losses back to you is rather appealing.

While the welcome promotion is attractive for new customers, a cashback turns out rather profitable in a long-term run. In this article, we will tell you more about cashback, how it works, and what to do to claim this offer. Stay tuned and you’ll always remain at the forefront of the latest promotions and bonuses!

What do we mean, when we say ‘Cashback’

As you get from the name, cashback means that you can get money back for purchase or online transactions. No wonder that millions of users worldwide are interested in how it’s possible to spend and earn at the same time. The amount of cashback is a certain percentage of the sum that the customer or the gambler spends. This percentage significantly varies depending on the enterprise, business, website, or retailer. Thus, it’s always a good idea to look out for a higher cashback percentage before spending money on a particular website.

There are even devoted cashback sites like Quidco. It has 2 million members only in the UK and the company says that an average user may earn $262 back a year. Even though the sum isn’t that big it is still better than nothing. And the most generous retailers and bank operators return up to 20% of the money spent.

What’s cashback is doing in online casinos?

Cashback is a diverse bonus that can be used on multiple types of games: from slots to roulette and blackjack. Everything depends on the casino, game developer, and Terms & Conditions. There are two types of casino cashback: a particular amount of the cashback or a certain percentage of the money spent.

Thus, if the rules say that you may get up to $200, this is the maximum money you’ll return no matter how much you bet. Or players may be offered a cashback of 50% up to $500. In such a case, a gambler may return up to $250 when losing.

The difference between cashback and other casino bonuses is that the terms and conditions significantly vary. While a Welcome Bonus or Free Spins are awarded to new players and are subjected to playthrough requirements, cashback is offered to loyal gamblers and don’t have any wagering requirements.

However, don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions attentively to make sure you get the maximum out of the offer. New cashback offers are added regularly and you can follow them by receiving newsletters or messages inside the casino.

How to claim the cashback?

Cashback is probably the simplest casino bonus you may face because it doesn’t require anything apart from playing with real money. You will automatically get back a certain percentage. Usually, it equals 10-20%. The percentage depends on whether the cashback is offered by the game provider or the casino itself.

However, no matter who returns your money or which payment option you choose, the cashback will land on your account on a particular day. For example, some casinos have Cashback Mondays, while others – return a certain percentage every last Friday of the month. Make sure to check the promotion section not to miss the offer.

Get the maximum out of the game

Cashback is an extremely popular promotion because it sweetens the pill and allows you to return a part of the money you have spent or lost. That is why it’s not surprising why more gamblers choose cashback as the most attractive bonus or why thousands of users register on devoted cashback websites.

However, keep in mind that banking frauds are taking place every day and you need to be extremely attentive when providing your details. There is no better way to enjoy the bonus than to remain safe and protected.


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