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The Best Places In Warrington For Dates


Whether you’re looking for love or simply meeting up with one of the many gorgeous Warrington escorts that the city has to offer or hot single Warrington women in town, there
are plenty of great places for a casual first date.

It can be tricky to figure out exactly where you should go, which is why we created this helpful guide in order to help you find the right kind of location.

Regardless of how you anticipate your night will end, getting a good star at a place that is fun but also
gives you the opportunity to talk and get to know your date more is tantamount. Some places are far too
loud, while others can be pretentious or worse, cliche. Check out our list below of all the best casual first
date locations in Warrington and beyond.

Laid Back Restaurant or New Eatery

For many, dinner and a movie (or any activity) is the dating standard. While it might ring as cliche for
some, there are still others who are enamoured enough with food in general for this to be an important
aspect of any date. Whether it’s trying that new hot restaurant serving up fusion foods from around the
world, or finding that famous food truck that is popping up all over social media, there are plenty of ways
to make the food part of the night much more interesting than dinner at some nondescript upscale

Public Park

Walking, sitting and talking in a public park might not be for everyone but for people who love to people-
watch, it’s the perfect location and activity. A first date is about getting to know the person you’re on a

date with, and being in a space like a public park, generally free of distractions, is always a good place to
start. Any great city is filled with a few, and in Warrington, you can certainly head to locations like Sankey
Valley or Risley Moss Park to set the mood just right.

Hotel Lounge
This is a great, innovative option for so many reasons. For starters, hotel lounges tend to be some of the
most comfortable places you can find. There is a fully-stocked bar like you would find at any cocktail bar,
but more than enough seating to get comfortable and have some great conversations. Additionally, it’s
always easy to simply check into the hotel right afterwards if the date goes particularly well!

Cocktail Bar
There are tons of great cocktail bars all over Warrington, which is what makes it such a great idea. No
matter what kind of drinks you might be into, you will likely find it here. Many cocktail bars are known for
signature drinks, good music and an even better atmosphere. They tend to be far more intimate than
nightclubs and pubs, and offer a more sophisticated place to have a fun but casual first date. They say
you can get to know a lot about someone by the kind of drink they like, and that is certainly something
you’ll be able to discover here.

Bowling Alley
There is nothing like some fun competition to get a first date off to a good start. This doesn’t only have to
include bowling per se. Think about any kind of game that might require a little bit of competitiveness and
playful banter, from mini golf to trivia and more. IT’s all about seeing what your date is like in sometimes
tense situations, and offers up a great chance to have some fun banter between you. It’s always nice to
have those kinds of options so be sure to keep this one in mind!

Art Class
In most large cities, you will be able to find all kinds of art classes and other teachables everywhere. No
matter what you might want to learn, there are tons of classes that allow you to create amazing pieces
that you will more than likely be allowed to bring home with you as well. This is a great way to see what
kind of taste your date has, and to see how their mind works in terms of what they end up creating.
Whether it’s pottery classes or a sip & paint where drinks are flowing as well, there’s always something
great as an option.

Farmer’s Market
For some this might be a bit more of a second date, but heading to the farmer’s market is a great date for
a number of reasons. Not only will you be able to get some shopping in, you can plan ahead for another

date and figure out what kind of meals and ingredients your date likes best. Additionally, being able to
get an idea of how much your date values buying locally, if that’s something that’s important to you, is a
great thing to find out as well.

Comedy Bar
Going to a comedy bar is not without its risks. Sit too far up front, and you risk being heckled by one of
the comedians! This might actually be something that you and your ate are up for, so keep that in mind
too. Heading to a comedy bar is a surefire way of seeing where your date’s sense of humor lies. The
things people find funny tend to say a lot about a person, so it’s always nice to keep those things in mind.
Go online to find information about upcoming shows and open mics.

No matter where your first date ends up being, it’s always important to remember that research and
planning that should normally go into it. Be sure to find all of the available options and the ones that work
best with the person you’re going on a date with.


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