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Warrington Wolves Ready to Dominate Rugby Again


With rugby making a quick return around the world, along with other mainstream events, Warrington Wolves’ fans are certainly keen to see their favourite team play again.

Well, they may not need to wait much longer as the Super League is hoping to continue in mid-August, although this is still subject to a final go-ahead from the government.

If the Super League is restarted, though, you will be able to bet on rugby league until through December, as the season is most likely have to be extended. This will understandably create some challenges for the Warrington Wolves and any other team which is not acclimatised to playing late in autumn or winter.
Yet, according to Wolves Matt Davis, the team is well-poised to make a quick and convincing return, and one which will satisfy fans from far and wide. Davis agreed that the team is capable to lead the way. The rugby league odds seem to suggest as much. However, even an established player as Davis wouldn’t allow himself to be arrogant.

Tough but Doable, Says Warrington’s Davis

“It will be tough,” Davis recently said, commenting on the short and changed schedule as well as focusing too many games in a narrow window. Unlike many other sports, rugby takes a great physical toll on players who need to not only play, but also train and then again, find the necessary time to relax.

However, there is a solution Davis noted. The squad rotation, he cautioned would be huge, meaning a lot of people would be featured and allowed to play. The Warrington Wolves will try to balance between their entire roster, thus making it much easier on everyone.
Other teams will face the same challenges, meaning that there will be a lot of unexpected shifts in the players lineup, which could offer some interesting synergies, and certainly reveal some weaknesses. Placing a rugby league bet would be somewhat of a challenge, but certainly exciting to participants.
There is a lot of talent the Wolves can now field and expect good results. Their lineup is packed to the brink with promising players who can overcome adversity, including Penrith Panthers, Leilani Latu, and Eribe Doro.
Giving rookies and novices time to prepare for the hard season ahead would certainly put a toll on them, but they would also be able to prove themselves in a time that is crucial for the team. Of course, there has been some financial strain on the team with the league suspended and most players not having access to their equipment due to quarantine measures.
However, Davis is optimistic about the future – both his own and that of the team. The time will come for the Wolves to return. It’s soon now.



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