People Make Money just Playing Online Slots: Believe It or Not, They Exist


Just when you thought that slot machines are nothing more than games to pass the time, there are actually people who make a living by playing slots.

Like poker players, these punters are professionals, and they know how to beat the slots just enough to make a career out of it.

Today, you will get to know these people, and we will also provide some tips on how you can do the same. These people are:

  • Taylor Jackson

  • Brian Christopher

  • Peter Liston

Let us get started and find out what they do.

Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is a professional slot player who shares his experiences on YouTube. He provides a lot of advice on his channel, and you can pick up useful tips to become a professional slot player.

Here are some of his tips:

  • Do not play more than $10 per slot machine

  • Do not play branded slots

  • Do not play spin the wheel slots

  • Do not play when there are a lot of players, or when there is a convention in the casino

He also advocates playing the maximum lines and the maximum bet. This way, you can maximise your winning and profits, as opposed to playing the slots at the lowest bet per round. Taylor encourage people to try free slots no download firstly before playing for real money.

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is a YouTube influencer who built his channel for two years. In his YouTube channel, he shows his viewers how they can best take advantage of slot machines. Unlike Taylor, Brian is fine with the wheel of fortune type of slot machines.

Brian is one of those people who made slot machines look cool, as opposed to the popular notion that slot games are for retirees.

Brian is from Toronto, Canada, but he has made a fortune visiting lots of casinos in the United States, and won a big amount of money.

He says that slot is a losing sport, so you need to be prepared to lose. What he means is that you should only play with money that you are willing to dispose of.

Here are his tips:

  • Do not play to win money, or you will lose

  • Focus on your comps from the casino, not your wins

  • Do not focus on winning the jackpot; make $20 or $50 and then move on

  • Stick to small winnings

His strategies are different from other players—he believes that small winnings will accumulate over time and that if you are doing well on a machine, you should be happy already.

Peter Liston

Peter Liston is a legend in the world of slots. What he teaches is that you need the patience to scout them. He is the author of the book, Million Dollar Slots: Learn How the World’s Leading Slot Play Expert Turned $500 Into $millions.

If you want to be a professional player, you need to buy his book to understand his methods.

Here are some of the things you will learn from him:

  • Play progressive slots only

  • How to turn a small amount of money into millions

  • Do the math to determine your odds

  • How to be adaptable as the gambling environment changes

His book is not a guarantee that you will be able to follow in his footsteps. Rather, he will show you his own experiences, and you must draw knowledge from this experience.

Some say that he just got lucky during his time, but then and again, slots are always designed to be random, which means that if you choose the right games, you may just tilt the odds in your favour.

How to Play Slots as a Professional

Here are some tips to help you get started with being a goldenslot player.

Choose slots with high RTP – RTP stands for return-to player-rate; it is a statistical likelihood of how much a slot is going to pay over a long period of time. The one with an RTP of 96% means that for a vet of £100, the slot will pay £96 and keep only £4 for profit.

The higher the RTP, the more money the slot is paying out, which means that the programming, or the way the game was designed, is in favour of the players, not the house.

Play slots with progressive jackpots – since you are betting to win anyway, you have to play only those that have jackpots that increase over time. What this means is that as more and more players place bets, the higher the progressive jackpot climbs.

Stick to a budget – professional players have a daily or weekly budget, and they ensure that they do not exceed the budget if they lost. This behaviour and discipline are the things that set them apart from casual players.

Casual players tend to hold on to the belief that the next spin could be their big win. Professionals know that this is not the case, and they will hold back and only play on schedule.

At best, you have to first try free slots no download. There are so many of them, but you have to focus on the games that have a cash counterpart. Do not practice on social media slots, as these are not designed in the same way as real-cash slots.

Social media slots are not regulated, which means that they can rig the game. With real-cash slots, they go through serious inspections, and their results are truly random. What this means is that real-cash slots, along with their demos, are truly random, and you can use the free versions to strategize.


Slot machines are games of chances. However, not all of them are designed in the same way. If you understand RTP and volatility, you can choose the right dame and improve your winning odds.

Professional players also know more than this. They advise that you should stay away from branded slots because the profits are shared between the developer and the movie or brand owner. As such, these games have lower payout rates than ordinary games.



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