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Tennis Tips for Beginners


Tennis is a popular game played all over the world with professional events played annually in many countries. Many people play the game as an opportunity to get or keep fit and socialise at the same time.

For anyone looking to get into tennis for the first time this summer, Warrington Worldwide has collected the following tips for you:

  1. Know Your Balls

The yellow balls you see tennis stars playing with on TV are pressurised at 100%, meaning they are hard, heavy and fast. This generally makes them difficult for beginners to control. Whilst the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal make it look easy controlling them at a fast pace, they are two of the greatest players of all-time and are usually the most popular players among tennis betting tips at Grand Slams, including Wimbledon and the US Open.

Beginners should start with orange or green balls, which are pressurised at 50% and 75% respectively, making them much easier to control.

  1. Be Fit

Tennis is a physical game so it’s good to get in a good level of fitness training before you take it up. It’s useful to join a local gym, build up your stamina and general fitness levels in advance. This will get your body better used to having a higher heart rate, something that you’ll experience in you’re chasing after the ball on the court.

It also becomes easier and more enjoyable to pick up and play a sport with a higher level or fitness compared to being out of shape. Playing tennis is good for building up your fitness levels itself but certainly be prepared to have a decent fitness level before you get started.

  1. Equipment

At the very least you should have a comfortable and study pair of tennis shoes and a racket in good condition. Likewise, comfortable clothing so that you can run around the court and swing your racket at the ball are advised.

It may be difficult to know which racket to buy given your level so speaking to a pro would be a good suggestion, if possible. You won’t need to splash out big sums of money on shoes or rackets to get you started.

  1. Practice

Whether you’re taking up proper lessons or just playing with friends at a rented court, it’s always good to do some learning. It could be as simple as YouTube. But being taught how to serve correctly and the types of shots will help you improve your game and make your sessions more enjoyable.

Practice doesn’t always need to take place on the court either. A sturdy wall is all you need to practice hitting the ball against. Practice makes perfect as they say so the more sessions you get in the more notable your improvement will be when you get back on the court.

  1. Join a Tennis Club

Not only will this give you access to a court to play on but also the opportunity to play against others and potentially increase your social life. Making friends at a tennis club whilst learning the game will lead to extra motivation to keep playing and keep learning.

Tennis clubs often run tournaments for players at different levels which is a good way to motivate you to practice more and improve your game.

  1. Get Started!

The most important advice for beginner tennis players as with anything in life is to get started. Whether that’s to go out and increase start working on your fitness levels today, purchasing a racket or contacting your friends for a game – nothing is more important than taking that first step towards the court.


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