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Popular Movies Inspired By Magazine Articles


Movies are a great source of entertainment, just like playing online casino games for real money at casino en ligne france.

There are different genres of movies to suit different people. Therefore, everyone has something to like when it comes to movies. Movies and films are inspired by different things, real-life events, imaginations, dreams and all. But other people just created a movie from a magazine article. Yes, you heard that right, just reading an article and create a film out of it. Below is a list of popular movies that were inspired by magazine articles.

The Fast And The Furious

Fast and furious is a multi-million-dollar movie that has managed to capture the hearts of many fans. This 8-part action and sport series featuring Vin diesel and other popular actors was inspired by an article established in 1998. This article was from the Vibe magazine, written by Kenneth LiRafael. The article was titled Racer X, talking about an illegal street racing culture that took place in New York during the late 90s.

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club is a biographical drama that was released in 2013. This movie is about an AIDS patient (Ron Woodroof) that was diagnosed in the 1980s. The screenwriter Craig Borten got the story form an article by a journalist named Bill Minutaglio. The article titled Buying Time was published in the Dallas Morning News. After conducting a series of interviews with Ron Woodroof, the film was made and published. The movie was a success with McConaughey winning an Academy Award for his performance. Maybe best uk casino sites will also create online slots based on him.

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring movie is about a group of teenagers who made headlines for breaking into celebrity homes and stealing jewellery, clothing and other possessions. The movie was adapted from an article called The Suspects Wore Louboutins. The article which was written by Nancy Jo Sales was published by the Vanity Fair. Sales, later on, wrote a book on the bling ring.


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