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Why Gambling in France is So Popular?


France has a very large and vibrant gambling industry that has a lot of years invested in it. There are multiple gambling places located in France that have a diverse range of games.

You can gamble using both online and walk-in casinos and here is why this industry is so popular in this country:

History of casinos in France

France has a rich history in casinos and some of the most popular games were developed in this country. For example, the world-renowned gambling game called Roulette originated in France and also Blackjack has French origins.

The gambling industry has grown very much over the years because there are now more than 200 walk-in casinos that are located throughout the country.

You can find all types of establishments in France, from ones that offer an upmarket gaming experience to low wagering casino game providers. A considerable amount of the casinos are owned by French companies such as Lucien Barrière, Tranchant, and JOA.

Internet Casinos in France

Just like the Aussie online casino industry, France is witnessing major growth in this particular sector. There are more online gambling sites joining the industry and some are from international gaming providers. You just have to find the most reputable and play using their online interface.

The most popular games in French internet casinos are video slots, Roulette, and online poker. There are other different games you can enjoy but these are the most popular in the online gambling scene in France. You can play with individuals from other countries when gambling using online game sites because of its global outreach.

Legal regulation

There are clear legal frameworks in place governing the French gambling market. Those legal frameworks are regulated by the Gaming Commission, colloquially known as Commission Supérieure des Jeux. A casino has to have a gambling license to operate in France and these permits are granted by the Department of Home Affairs.

After every 3 years, the Department of Home Affairs conducts audits and inspections in all the casinos. Afterward, the casino can renew its contract to operate as a gambling institution.

Popular games in the French casinos

There are a variety of games that you can play in French gambling places, including the one originating from this country – Roulette. It is one of the most played games in the country alongside Blackjack and Poker. Although that is true, not all of the French population is skilled in such casino card-games. Therefore, the slots are also very popular.

There are no explicit laws prohibiting certain games so you have a wide variety of choices in this matter. You can also join the majority of French individuals and play their favorite games when traveling to this country.

Great winnings in the French casinos

A lot of gamblers have won really big prizes in French casinos dating back to the late 1800s in Monaco Casino. In 1891, a man named Charles Deville Wells had one of the best winning streaks in French gambling history.

He won 23 games out of 30 playing at the Roulette table from lunchtime up until the casino closed at 23h00. Mr. Wells was very bold because he doubled his bets every time he incurred a loss and that paid off. His grand total winnings amounted in 4 million euros in today’s currency and that money was made in just a week.


Gambling in France is popular because of the rich history behind casinos and the development of certain games in this country particularly. Roulette and Blackjack were developed in this country and also one of the oldest casinos still stands in Monaco.



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