Gamstop Recommends to Self-Exclude while COVID-19


COVID-19 has brought more pressure to most of the active industries forcing some change in one way or the other.

The effect could either be positive or negative depending on the nature of the industry. Some industries are currently facing a massive downfall as others are on the rising end, for example, gambling is one of the industries that is really gaining popularity as a surge has been noted in the number of players who need gambling.

Most of the players who had registered and activated the Gamstop scheme are now seen disabling the self-exclusive feature which is baring more of the gambling content to the owner. To be real in some sense, gambling is now among the top activities people are engaging in due to the lockdown effect. This is the main reason why punters are seen withdrawing from the self-exclusive system meaning they need more of the gambling than any other thing.

More Requests to End Self-Exclusion

There has been an alarming rate of ending the self-exclusion scheme with most of the punters preferring gambling to any other form of money-making activities. This started by Fiona, the Gamstop Chief Executive Office who recommended that consumers with concerns about the habit of self-exclusion from all the online gambling sites for the foreseen time that the lockdown will prevail.

He reiterated his statements and further elaborated that vulnerable consumers who have a number of gambling issues may be tempted to spend their money online thinking that there might be no room for further life. However, one non-Gamstop expert from NonStopCasino W.Terry picked reliable websites without Gamstop from Reddit that may be the safest options for now for self-excluded gamblers who cannot stop .

Due to the increased fear, the coronavirus has put people there in great need to have a better strategy of fighting the disease and its possible rampant effects. Even in the lockdown period, it is important to have a nice strategy to ensure that you have a continuous flow of money and vital activities around you.

Otherwise, the world is turning into a place where you may not be able to do anything outside your house amidst this great pandemic. The lockdown has affected many people around and it has ensured that there is a paralysis in the entire system in one way or the other.

Gamstop Recommends to Self-Exclude During the Quarantine

Quarantine has been the order of the day to most of the nations, this is a result of the increased rates of infections among the population making it more hazardous. The system software through its able CEO has advised most of its consumers to self-exclude from all the online gambling sites for at least the length of time that the lockdown will last. To this effect, most of the punters are seen ending their Gamstop schemes just to enjoy the exclusive gambling experience which few have.

Previously before Gamstop came to existence, there was a tendency by gambling companies to try and lure people into gambling or accessing most of the gambling information and content even if you had not requested for. This ensured that the gambling information reached many people. The result of this pandemic has brought an about-turn to most of the system’s protocol where people will be forced to concentrate on the reduction of the virus compared to their day to day activities.

Now most players are turning down the request they had previously made to Gamstop as a way of reducing gambling traffics on their accounts. In doing so punters will not have any kind of restrictions thereby visiting any gambling site and enjoy the experience.


The move by Gamstop will enable most of the punters to be able to enjoy a wide range of gambling information that is readily available in various gambling markets. Try to spend your leisure time on other activities than gambling. With the increased risk that the coronavirus pandemic is putting us into, there is great importance to reducing the chances of infection and one effective way of doing this is by working from home or spending your time at home where gambling is one of the best choices at this time of difficulty.


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